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How to include elements from another table in the automatic document ?

Learn how to create an automatic document with TimeTonic using elements from another table. Follow our step-by-step guide to streamline your workflows !
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How to Create an Automatic Document with Elements from Another Table in Timetonic

In this tutorial, we will see how to prepare an automatic document to fetch elements from another table by respecting the appropriate tag. In which we generate a table whose number of rows will increment based on the number of linked elements you have in your table.

Go to the table where we will integrate the automatic document. Let's get the code for the link column in the settings. Copy the code and go to your document configuration. Here is the structure of the tag. Paste the column code before the period. I will paste this code on each of my tags to make the link, and I will go to the other table to retrieve the codes of the related table columns.

I am in the other table, I will go to the window that allows me to organize my fields. I will copy the code of the columns I need, which I will integrate into my tag following the code of the link column. And I do this for all the information I need. My document is now configured, so I exported it and I will insert it into my automatic document column. Here it is, configured for PDF export. An attached document column is integrated to receive it. I will generate my document. Each column has an increment based on the number of available links in the linked table column, and thus I fetched the information from the other table to create this document.

1. Prepare your document. Ensure you follow the tag format correctly. First, copy the link column code. Insert your period and then paste the codes of the related table columns. Export your document.
2. Import the document you just configured and then generate your document.

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