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How to create an external form to access existing records & edit values in TimeTonic

Find out how to use your TimeTonic forms to access and modify existing data!
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In TimeTonic, you have the possibility to share pre-filled forms.

These are called external forms.

To do this, start by creating a view.

We will come to apply the restrictions that you want on the different columns.

Now I just have to create a sharing URL to which I will apply the restrictions of my view.

I can now come and apply restrictions on my form, the restrictions of a view.

From then on, I can share this form with any of my clients.

During the treatment of my operation, I may need to obtain additional information.

To do this, I will add a read-write field that will therefore be accessible to anyone who has the link to my form.

If I go back to the level of sharing my link and click on it to open it, I see that my field is indeed accessible.

So I can check it off, save it and when I come back to TimeTonic, I can indeed see that the change has been applied.