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How to create an editable pivot table in TimeTonic

Discover how to create an editable grid/pivot table in TimeTonic!
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We will demonstrate how to allow entering times directly from a pivot table.

In this example, we can see a time entry in table form which allows you to demonstrate time entry by date, by time spent, associated with the project and by the person in the team.

A new time entry directly from a form will allow me to create a new data directly by associating it with the project and indicating the time spent.

A new line is created.

Again, with the date, the time spent, the associated project and the team member.

I will now demonstrate how to allow the creation of this information directly from a pivot table.

To do this, I will create a new view that I will call : 

"Pivot view"

I will allow to select directly "View Modes", "Pivot View" and directly configure the elements of my table by the projects, the dates and the time spent.

Here I see all my projects in a table, with each of the dates allowing me to have the synthesis of my elements.

In this case, I cannot enter data because my data is not editable.

To allow this I just have to go back to it, to make it editable the data in my table and thus update my information. 

Here, by simply entering my data, I directly feed the time entry in the same way as before with the form. 

If I go back to my "Default View", I can see here the creation of my new time entries that were well associated directly with my project.