My First Steps

How to Create a Workspace in TimeTonic

The "My First Steps" video series makes it easy to understand the basics of TimeTonic - In this first episode, discover how to create a workspace!
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Timetonic allows you to create as many of workspaces as you wish.

You have the possibility to use them independently or connect them with each other.

This way I can use my timesheets with my human resources, all applied to the management of my work sites.

To add a new workspace, click on the Add a workspace button.

From there, you have two options :

You can decide to start from one of our templates that meet concrete business needs.

Management of a construction site, document management, event organization, your RGPD register, film production or why not the follow-up of your customers and your commercial opportunities.

There is bound to be a model that fits your needs.

Feel free to use the tags to find your way around more easily.

Alternatively, you may decide to start with a blank sheet of paper and build your new workspace completely from A to Z.

By default, this table of values appears and you can add new tables from there, import a workspace directly from an Excel sheet can be the object of an export from another application. A smart page and thus integrate the edition of documents in a collaborative way to your workspace.

Import a table or tables from another workspace, add email management, a dashboard or select one or more tables directly from the templates at your disposal.

Of course, you can put all these options together to have the most personalized solution possible.