Security - GDPR

Hosting, reliability and security


The physical hosting of our primary infrastructure is provided by Equinix, the world's leading provider of data centers with more than 145 data centers around the globe. Certified by several organizations (SSAE16, ISO, LEED, Uptime Institute), Equinix guarantees an average availability rate of over 99.99999%.

Our infrastructure is hosted in data centers located in Paris, allowing excellent connectivity in Europe and particularly in France.

Our servers are made up of hardware selected by our partner Alwaysdata, from the latest generations of professional ranges from renowned manufacturers (Intel, Western Digital, Supermicro


Electricity and air conditioning

  • All the equipment (network hardware, servers) are powered by two totally independent electrical chains;
  • Inverters and generators guarantee an uninterrupted power supply, even in the event of an ERDF outage on the site for several days;
  • The air conditioning of the rooms is provided by two independent chains, capable of maintaining a stable temperature whatever the outside conditions;
  • Simulations of electrical and air-conditioning failures are carried out every month to ensure the proper functioning of all equipment, including emergency equipment.


  • All our servers are monitored by internal and external probes (located in many countries), allowing us to be alerted immediately in case of any anomaly that could not be automatically corrected by our monitoring tools;
  • The engineers are on call 24 hours a day to intervene within minutes of detecting a breakdown;
  • Technicians are present in our datacenters, 24 hours a day, to carry out manipulations on request of our engineers.


  • Our connectivity is provided by 4 fully redundant network operators;
  • All our network equipment (switches, routers) work in pairs, with hardware from 2 different manufacturers, ensuring continuity of service in case of hardware or software failure;
  • Each server has a dual network connection to the switches, with automatic failover in case of failure.
  • All disks are duplicated in real time (RAID) and can be exchanged without interruption (hot-swap) ;
  • Spare hardware is available on site to immediately replace any faulty parts or even a complete server.



The access to the datacenters is done in a secure way with :

  • Biometric recognition ;
  • Name badges ;
  • Security teams.


All our servers are :

  • Protected by a firewall, with an automatic banning mechanism of IPs carrying out attacks ;
  • Updated immediately upon discovery of a significant security breach.


Our network and all our servers are protected from DDoS attacks thanks to a 4-level defense:

  • Each server is configured and optimized to be able to withstand medium sized attacks without manual intervention;
  • In case of a larger attack, anti-DDoS protections are automatically activated with our network providers, thanks to 2 distinct and redundant implementations;
  • For even more complex attacks, our engineers can define custom blocking rules, in coordination with our network providers' engineers if necessary;
  • In the event of a hypothetical extremely massive attack (several hundred Gb/s), a DNS re-routing strategy to a third party provider can be set up and is regularly simulated.


We make backups of all our customers' data:

  • on a daily basis;
  • kept for 30 days ;
  • directly accessible by our customers in read-only mode;
  • stored in external data centres, located at least several kilometres away, and managed by a separate operator.


All measures are taken to ensure full compliance and to help you comply with the level of data you collect about your customers, employees and partners.

Specific features and measures

  • SSL encryption of communications
  • One-way password protected access with hashing / salting
  • Full encryption of client files
  • Listing and Data Centralization
  • Reserved data access control
  • Rights management by column
  • Possibility to erase data
  • Possibility of data portability
  • History of all changes (when this function is activated by the customer)
  • Logbook opening history (when this feature is enabled by the customer)
  • List of subcontractors
  • Verification of subcontractor compliance
  • Notification in case of access to data
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Register category of activities performed on behalf of the client
  • Guaranteed data availability and resilience
  • Weekly tests of complete database recovery from backups
  • Full pseudonymization of data for real-world testing on pre-production servers
  • Test procedure
  • Documentation
  • Automatic daily backup running for 30 days
  • Automatic multi-site backup
  • Ability to allow contacts to view and update data with one click
  • Ability to encrypt certain columns of data with a password
  • New "encrypted" column type to protect sensitive information content
  • Admin access restricted to 2 TimeTonic Managers only (CEO, CTO)
  • New type of column "password" totally secure facilitating the creation of extranet

Features planned for the near future

  • Possible pseudonymisation of data
  • History of playback accesses by recording
  • Read access history per file
  • Export history by record
  • Export history by table

You remain in control of your data. TimeTonic provides only a tool to centralize, manage and protect it, and cannot take detailed action on your behalf.

We do not access your data, do not know your data and do not give any access to your data to third parties, unless you expressly request and invite us to do so.

More details are provided in TimeTonic's Terms and Conditions of Use.


  • OAUTH2 authentication for API access
  • 2FA
  • SSO via SAML2, all other standards will be studied upon request
  • Login / Password
  • We are compatible with all SAML2.0 compatible SSO services, any other standard will be studied upon request
  • Passwords must have no spaces, at least 8 characters, one number, one uppercase and one lowercase letter
  • Passwords are hashed and salted and are therefore encrypted and cannot be recovered but only replaced
  • Passwords must be renewed every year
  • Accounts are nominative
  • TOTP 2FA is available for any account, actionable from the user’s profile
  • TimeTonic is a public SaaS platform, available through internet access.
  • All data transfers are secured with TLS1.2 grade ssl (HTTPS enforced)
  • Data and software are hosted on our own servers and are not shared with any other company
  • A very fine and very strict management of access rights prohibits access to workspaces, columns, data lines on both the client and server sides
  • Dedicated databases can be created on request to further isolate data in terms of access and performance
  • Dedicated servers can be created on request to increase performance
  • On-premise hosting is also available on request
  • Client files (pdf, word, emails, etc) are encrypted and stored on disk on spaces not accessible in http, only a link is generated, kept and used as a database
  • The data is managed per work area called "workspace". Each workspace has its own databases and access to the workspace is managed by specific rights management
  • Access by user or user group is possible, including by view, by row, by column - e.g. some people can see all the data but not the modification history, or others can have read-only access to one part of the data, write access to another part, and no access at all to another part
  • Access to files is via anonymous long URLs generated and managed in a database and therefore totally unreferenced and unsearchable by search engines - no file is therefore directly accessible
  • There are two types of URLs:
  1. One allowing free access to the owner of the URL
  2. The other always requiring a valid access right via TimeTonic login / password
  • The hardware and operational maintenance of TimeTonic servers is managed by Alwaysdata and the servers are physically hosted in Equinix datacenters in France
  • SOC 2, PCI DSS, SOC 1 Type 2 (SSAE 18 replaces SSAE 16) certifications are therefore present
  • Physical accesses in the datacenter are controlled by a security station, then by individual magnetic card and biometric readers.See the video
  • We use internally an audit tool (OpenVAS) to scan our servers for vulnerabilities and tools (e.g. rkhunter) to check the integrity of critical files on a daily basis
  • The hardware and operational maintenance of TimeTonic servers is managed by Alwaysdata and the servers are physically hosted in Equinix datacenters in France.SOC 2, PCI DSS, SOC 1 Type 2 (SSAE 18 replaces SSAE 16) certifications are therefore present.Physical accesses in the datacenter are controlled by a security station, then by individual magnetic card and biometric readers Watch video
  • It is not possible to choose your datacenter
  • Backups are stored on different servers in France, at least several kilometers away from the main site, and hosted by a different host (Scaleway).
  • The files are encrypted
  • Access to user databases by other users is impossible (except for data shared by the users themselves who have temporarily invited TimeTonic support members - themselves under strict NDAs - ) and only the CEO and CTO of TimeTonic have the administrator credentials of the servers which are modified at least twice a year. Even for the CEO and CTO we follow a strict policy of never accessing data without prior authorization from the customers
  • A 30-day rolling backup of all databases and files is made daily, and a monthly backup is made and kept for 12 months
  • The data belonging to the users are kept as long as the licenses are active and then archived for 1 year unless a request is made to delete an account
  • The user identification data (name, login) is kept for the duration of the licence / collection period and is deleted when an account is deleted with final payment
  • The backups are total and made daily at 4am with copies of the backups on separate servers
  • Restoration can be total or partial and is done on request
  • TimeTonic also allows to keep the history of all the modifications made by the users (who modified what, when, and what was the previous value) which, in addition to a very useful traceability to understand the changes made, allows, on demand, to go back in a very fine way without losing the changes made during the day since the last daily backup
  • A ctrl-z (undo) is also available directly by users in spreadsheet view for changes made at the moment
  • TimeTonic also generates a complete daily backup file for all workspace data tables, in Excel-compatible XML format, which you can access and keep by default for one year
  • Backup is done on demand and takes between 2h and 8h depending on the type of catering requested (except ctrl-z instantly restoring the previous data)
  • Except for the ctrl-z that can be done by the users themselves, the restoration requires the intervention of TimeTonic
  • The intervention is invoiced according to the time spent (in proportion to the daily cost in force, currently 950€ / day)
  • TimeTonic also generates a complete daily backup file for all workspace data tables, in Excel-compatible XML format, which you can access and keep by default for one year
  • A complete data recovery is tested every week
  • Complete software installation procedures are tested approximately 4 times a year and complete data restores are tested weekly
  • We use pingdom to test access to the service every minute with sms and email transmission to 3 people in case of unavailability
  • We use newrelic to measure response times and the number of application and database queries
  • We also use our own tools that send us an SMS in case of access error, repeated unauthorized access or request for a forgotten password
  • Alwaysdata manages servers across multiple Equinix data centers and can restore service to other servers. We also have our pre-production servers that can be converted to production servers in 8 hours
  • Procedures are not communicated
  • The source codes of the applications are not currently deposited but this can be put in place for contracts justifying such a request
  • Maximum observed service outage of 11 minutes in the last year
  • Observed availability rate above 99.95%
  • Yes, each customer can create an unlimited number of workspaces, including pre-production
  • We also have our own pre-production server
  • SLA:
  1. Pro licenses include the following service availability (online access)
  1. Guaranteed Response Time (GRT): 60mn (during support hours)
  2. GST (Guaranteed Service Repair Time): 2h (during support hours)
  3. Monthly guaranteed service availability: 99.5% (during support hours)
  4. Bug fix repair time is not guaranteed, but we will of course make all reasonable commercial efforts to fix the bugs
  • Support
  1. Email and phone support is provided Monday through Friday during business hours (9:30 am to 6:30 pm CET). Support calls that take more than 15 minutes to process are charged on an hourly basis
  2. If more than 8 hours of paid support are reached in a given month, a notification is sent to the customer asking if support should continue or not
  3. Professional user licenses can also request on-site support currently in the Paris area. On-site support outside the Paris area will incur additional business, travel and processing costs

  • Specifications, tests on developers' workstations, unit tests, functional tests, merge with master, tests on pre-prod server, release on production server and complete tests after 6pm, one click backwards if necessary
  • Contact Alwaysdata in case of general access problems. Alwaysdata has an excellent service available also in case of emergency
  • Direct access by CEO/CTO for log analysis / re-installation of previous versions/database
  • Yes, see above
  • Admin training to be able to create or manage your own applications / business processes in total autonomy
  • Professional services to assist in the design and creation of applications / business processes
  • Training / documentation for users
  • On-site or remote support
  • Data import help
  • Export help / data restitution
  • Specific developments
  • Interfaces with your existing tools (we have already created interfaces with MS Navision, Office, Google, Dropbox, and Salesforce in particular)
  • Export csv / xml for data, ZIP for files
  • Yes, the intervention is invoiced on a time basis (in proportion to the daily cost in force, currently 950€ / day)
  • On request, we can also arrange for your data to be sent by FTP on a weekly basis
  • For Business licences, you can also create your own data exports, including files
  • It's possible
  • Yes, see above
  • Yes, in France
  • All your data belongs to you and no one else has access to it unless you expressly request it or the law requires it.
  • You can request the return of your data and the destruction of all your data at any time