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How to create a QR Code with a permalink

Learn how to link a QR code to different types of documents to avoid regenerating it with each update. Follow our step-by-step guide !
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How and why to link a QR code to the Permanent Link to distribute your communication media.

The QR Code column allows you to represent the value of your fields, such as Smart text, document, URL or form. They are pointed to a Permanent Link column, and this Permanent Link is therefore connected to this QR Code. Here's how to do it.

Create a new Permalink column. Connect this column. In my situation, it's a SmartText column. I insert this column. URL. I obtain this link which allows me to make my document visible online.

Next, create your QR code column, which will be linked to your Permanent link column. Click on your appointment field in your form, I select the QR code link, and I arrive at my document.

1. Create your Permanent Link column that you link to your support.
2. Create your QR Code column that you link to your Permanent Link.

This way save time. And be sure, now, that all your updates on your distribution media do not impact your communication.