Timetonic wins best SaaS solutions's award

TimeTonic wins its 16th award

The cloud platform for collaborative management TimeTonic was awarded the "Best SaaS Solution" award in the Cloud Trophies organized by the association EuroCloud France.

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TimeTonic wins its 16th award. After receiving, among others, a Digiteur prize for "best digital solution for SMEs" from the CCI of Ile-de-France in 2017, and the Mobility Awards for "best technological innovation of the year", "best field technician achievement" and "best logistics achievement" in 2016, 2018 and 2019, TimeTonic is once again rewarded. The start-up received the trophy for "the best SaaS (Software as a Service) solution" from the Cloud Trophies. Organized by the EuroCloud France association, the awards ceremony was held on February 27th at Hub Lab's premises in Paris. The jury, made up of IT professionals and journalists from the IT press, selected TimeTonic for the innovative nature of its solution.

"I am very pleased to receive this award for the best SaaS solution and honored to be recognized by the Cloud professionals in France. TimeTonic's success is linked to our disruptive approach based on the vision that visual and intelligent data management. TimeTonic allows us to respond more effectively to the real needs of businesses - which we summarize as "Data is the Application", and is based on the idea that every professional should be able to design their own cloud and mobile solutions, without any programming. This approach allows organizations of all sizes to accelerate their digital transformation in agile mode, without the need for lengthy and costly developments, constant recourse to their CIO, the use of a multitude of complex tools or the use of external consultants," comments Jean-Michel Durocher, founder of TimeTonic.

"At a time when hundreds of thousands of small and large companies are looking for ways to use digital technology to simplify their daily lives, work in teams, promote remot work, make information accessible on the move and increase their competitiveness, TimeTonic enables them to create their own cloud, mobile and collaborative business solutions simply, efficiently, autonomously and without limits. »

TimeTonic: the power of an agile ERP combined with the flexibility of a modern spreadsheet program

In a single tool, TimeTonic offers companies the flexibility of a modern spreadsheet combined with the power of an agile ERP, all in one package. The platform allows companies to manage their data and projects (customers, contracts, maintenance...), to create instantly their own web and mobile solutions, and to automate business processes such as the automatic sending of notifications, validations or documents. The solution also integrates a collaborative dimension (chat, messaging, SMS...) and interfaces with more than 1,500 third-party applications such as Salesforce, MS Office or Google Suite.

TimeTonic has 250 user companies in the insurance, building and services sectors (Asqua, Engie, Veolia, Vinci...). To accelerate its development, the start-up raised 760,000 euros at the end of 2018 through the WiSEED participative financing platform and the American private fund Odesey L.P. This should enable it to finance its growth, accelerate its commercial development and pursue its innovation approach with the objective of 100,000 users within 5 years.

About TimeTonic

TimeTonic is a French start-up company that develops and markets an easily customizable cloud platform for collaborative management. A truly intelligent, communicating and visual database, instantly and natively mobile, as flexible as a modern spreadsheet and as powerful as an agile ERP, TimeTonic helps companies simplify their management and accelerate their digital transformation. TimeTonic allows them to easily manage their projects, customer relations, worksites, reserves, claims, schedules, timesheets, human resources, as well as their documents, orders, quotes, invoices, stocks, logistics or mobile interventions, in the office as well as in the factory or in the field, and to digitize and automate their business processes intuitively, in a few hours and without any IT knowledge.

Already chosen by more than 250 teams, SMEs and large groups such as Engie, Veolia and Vinci, in sectors as diverse as insurance, construction and services, TimeTonic has been named one of Alliancy magazine's "100 who go digital", among the IE Club Global 60, received a Les Digiteurs award for the best digital solution for SMEs, the Mobility Awards for Technological Innovation, for the best technical achievement in the field and for the best logistics achievement, was the winner of the Orange Fab accelerator and ENGIE Blu.e, and is supported by BPI France.

More information : http://timetonic.com

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