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TimeTonic Team
May 11, 2021
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TimeTonic, the first French no-code management and collaboration platform that enables the design of secure business applications without any programming, has been awarded the best young start-up 2021 prize by the IE Club Global 60 for the "Web Applications" category. The IE Club fosters collaboration between large corporations and start-ups, a crucial point for TimeTonic, whose technology meets the needs of productivity, agility, and innovation of companies of all sizes.

The company has also received the support of the Permanent Commission of the Ile-de-France Regional Council via the PM'up program and has joined the Paris Region Business Club at the same time.  The objective of this support is to accompany TimeTonic's development and facilitate its international deployment. The company plans to launch its business in Germany, the Netherlands, the UK and Canada over the next 12 to 24 months.

"We are delighted with this support from the IE Club and the Ile-de-France Regional Council. We are delighted with this support from the IE Club and the Ile-de-France Regional Council"
"These awards reinforce and highlight the growth potential and expertise of our company. They also demonstrate the dynamism of the no-code market and the Citizens Developers movement, which will be a major trend in the years to come, allowing IT and business teams to free themselves from rigid tools and long and costly software development, thus helping their companies gain in profitability, agility and competitiveness. "

Jean-Michel Durocher, founder and president of TimeTonic.

Thanks to its SaaS platform, its intelligent visual database that is as flexible as a spreadsheet, and its numerous out-of-the-box solutions (CRM, project management, mobile intervention management, etc.), TimeTonic facilitates teamwork around a common source of information and allows anyone to design - without any knowledge of IT and much faster than traditional software development (up to 100 times for some projects) - secure cloud and mobile collaborative applications that are perfectly suited to their needs.

Already voted best SaaS solution and best no-code tool in France in 2020, TimeTonic is used by thousands of professionals, SMEs and large corporations such as Engie, Vinci and Veolia worldwide.

IE Club Global 60 Award

The IE Club, and its partners such as the Paris and Hauts de Seine CCIs, Business France, Bouygues Énergie et Services, Galileo Courtage and Syntec Numérique, select the most value-creating start-ups and disseminate innovations through operations aimed at bringing together all stakeholders, such as the Global 60 Award.
TimeTonic was awarded the Best Start-up 2021 Prize by the IE Club Global 60 in the "Web Applications" category, presented by Senator Vanina Paoli-Gagin.

Support from the Île-de-France Region and Paris Region Business Club

The PM'up program is a new initiative designed to revitalize the region and boost its economy. It aims to support SMEs and ETIs with high value-added projects. This support is a recognition of TimeTonic's potential and its interest for the region.  

As a PM'up winner, TimeTonic joins the Paris Region Business Club network to benefit from the synergies of the Paris Region ecosystem. This network currently includes more than 3,500 companies supported by the Paris Region for their development or innovation projects.

About TimeTonic

Freeing companies from rigid tools, spreadsheets and costly software development, TimeTonic is the first French no-code platform for process management, collaboration and automation, enabling the design of secure professional applications directly by business teams, increasing innovation capacity and accelerating the digital transformation of companies of all sizes. With its visual interface, spreadsheet-like relational database that guarantees a common source of truth, and easily customizable out-of-the-box solutions, TimeTonic enables business teams, without programming skills, to easily and cost-effectively design the digital tools - cloud and mobile - that are essential to their success.  

In a business environment where digital transformation, team collaboration and innovation are more critical than ever to success, the mass deployment of no-code is the next digital revolution. According to Gartner, by 2024, 65% of applications will be built using no-code or low-code tools. Whether creating internal digital tools to improve productivity or external applications for customers, no-code dramatically accelerates the time-to-market.

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