No-Code | TimeTonic launches its Partner Program

TimeTonic Team
May 19, 2021
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TimeTonic, the leading Paris-based no-code platform allowing professionals to build their own secure business management and collaboration applications without programming, launches its partner program to multiply the distribution and implementation of its solution to SMEs and large companies in France and abroad.

Jean-Michel Durocher, founder and president of TimeTonic, explains:

"More than ever, companies are looking for solutions that allow them to centralize information and improve collaboration between teams in order to reduce wasted time, errors and frustrations, while improving visibility, productivity and performance.
And in an era of increasingly rapid social, business and technological change, enabling anyone, through no-code, to create their own management and collaboration tools, whether cloud or mobile, without knowledge of software development, is a source of freedom, motivation and innovation within operational teams and a tremendous competitive advantage for companies.
To meet this rapidly growing demand and help our customers accelerate their digital transformation with TimeTonic, we were looking for professionals who share our vision of giving back freedom and autonomy to businesses and our values of simplicity and efficiency.
That's why we're happy to officially launch our partner program today and proud to have several renowned companies already committed to working with TimeTonic to better meet their customers' needs for agility, efficiency and innovation."

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The nine companies joining the TimeTonic partner network are:


Zelig, an operational strategy consulting firm, helping business teams to bring out their ideas and coordinating the projects entrusted to them.

"TimeTonic brings innovation that allows us to support our customers even more: to go fast, to empower business and automate certain processes while leading IT departments to new ways of producing solutions. Because the TimeTonic and Zelig teams share the same values of efficiency and simplicity, and because our common desire is to put digital technology at the service of employees,"

said Bertrand Gaillez.

About Zelig:

Zelig is an operational consulting firm specializing in business support and Agile project management.
We support organizations and employees in their digital transformation. For simpler projects, solutions adapted to the achievement of objectives and ever more innovative digital experiences.



Tydex, a company whose mission is to accelerate the growth and development of start-ups and scale-ups.

"TimeTonic's ability to provide a no-code platform for building business applications that accelerates digital transformation presents a significant opportunity for companies to deploy and manage omnichannel enterprise solutions,"

commented David Hayat, CEO of Tydex.

"We were immediately convinced by TimeTonic's unique value proposition and the market appetite for their solution. Based on our early success with them, we decided to expand our partnership and accelerate our collaboration."

About Tydex:

Tydex is a service company whose mission is to accelerate the growth and development of start-ups and scaleups. We only support companies selected by us, providing them with senior expertise, multidisciplinary skills and global coverage.



Defare, a firm that selects different digital solutions in order to propose the one or the most adapted to their operation, needs and constraints of their business sectors and accompanies companies in their adaptation to these tools:

"The diversity of possibilities with TimeTonic will allow our customers to be more efficient and achieve digital comfort in this phase of transformation of the digital era."

Shener Cinar explained.

About Defare:

Our premise is to consider each company as unique because of its organization, its maturity or its different actors. A whole that forges its identity. To be able to advise and accompany companies in their digital transition, we source and select different digital solutions in order to propose the most adapted to their functioning, needs and constraints of their sectors of activity. We accompany them in their adaptation to these new tools until they find the digital comfort to face the economic and societal changes notably pushed by the crisis. And thus allow human qualities to express themselves fully.



Digispin, a platform that democratizes access to consulting through its network of independent consultants and accelerates the digital transformation of SMEs / SMIs. Digispin aims daily to implement the raison d'être of its 150 independent consultants,

"Together for a fair, human and inclusive digital transition of the economic fabric. Our partnership with TimeTonic is very promising, because it reinforces the opportunity to provide immediate and accessible value to companies weakened by the crisis we are going through and for whom it is essential to retain control of their destiny in the recovery that is beginning."

said Eric Pradier, co-founder and president of Digispin.

About Digispin:

Our services of accompaniment of the companies are based on our conviction that to succeed in a happy digitalization it is absolutely necessary :

  1. Implement a controlled digitalization centered on the human factor supported by a shared will of innovation and meaning.
  2. Strictly prioritize the field of action after having evaluated in detail the constraints of adaptation and the opportunities that digital represents for the company.
  3. Inspire and maintain an Agility revolution by resolutely adopting a "Try and Learn" approach for a collective co-creation of new operating modes.



DIV-IN, a unique concept of start-up studio dedicated to consulting companies and new technologies.

"The entire DIV-IN team is very proud to contribute to the no-code revolution and to the adoption of a solution as innovative as TimeTonic by the IT departments of large groups as a complement or replacement for elements of their information systems. This is a great opportunity for us,"

said Jean-Christophe Legrand, CEO of Div-In.

About DIV-IN:

DIV-IN is a unique start-up studio concept specially designed for technology start-ups that want to launch or accelerate their development. Its mission is to help founders realize their entrepreneurial dream by providing them with a "hands-on" and "as a service" approach based on 3 pillars:

  1. Advice and coaching from Senior Advisors from the largest consulting firms and the world of start-ups
  2. A complete catalog of services (Business Development, Marketing, Human Resources, Operations, Legal Support, ...) allowing start-up managers to focus on their core business and maintain a satisfactory work-life balance
  3. A co-entrepreneurial approach (investment and cash flow solutions)


Imagine Services

Imagine Services, which supports business and CEO departments in the evolution and implementation of digital solutions to improve their processes and productivity. According to Thierry Sappia, CEO of Imagine Services:

"The partnership with TimeTonic allows me to respond effectively and quickly to structuring projects that create value, without having to invest large budgets in costly and overly complex ERP systems. "

About Imagine Services:

I support business departments and CEOs in the evolution and implementation of digital solutions to improve their processes and productivity. The democratization of Nocode tools for start-ups, SMEs or ETIs, allow them to strengthen innovation and thus become as efficient as any structure of large groups, or even better. After 20 years of experience in IT Infrastructures, it is a real pleasure to wear the hat of "Digital Humanizer" by allowing these companies to evolve quickly on new markets, to better structure themselves and to be a real partner in their digital strategy.


Koala Online

Koala Online, process optimization specialist. With TimeTonic, Koala Online meets many needs with simplicity.

"TimeTonic allows you to focus on your business and do away with the need for complicated spreadsheets and tools that are not adapted to your needs. The machine works for you: Reminders, notifications, reminders, document filling, summary tables, graphs or even unified forms with mandatory fields, and moving on to the next step, everything is managed by TimeTonic. "

About Koala Online:

Koala Online specializes in process modeling and operational performance. We support construction companies and manufacturers in digitizing and improving administrative and production flows.
Objective = 0 waste of time, 0 re-entries, 0 errors



The consulting firm SOCODIT Consultants, experts in business development and specialists in digital transition, intervenes at all levels of industrial development and provides operational support for change, focused on the human element.  

"Our teams have chosen TimeTonic to create, deploy and transmit to our clients mobile and collaborative digital tools adapted to their needs. They facilitate the consolidation of information in real time and improve their daily operational performance"

commented Eric Boulley, industrial engineering consultant.


As an architect of the transformation of SMEs in the transition to the industry of the future, SOCODIT Consultants intervenes at all levels of industrial development and provides operational support for change (strategic, digital, organizational, financial), with a focus on people.


Sinergis Informatique

Sinergis Informatique, an ESN specialized in IT management consulting, is a subsidiary of the Martinique-based SFPR group. Edouard de Reynal was seduced by TimeTonic's human approach, but also by the great flexibility of the solution and especially its simplicity:

"I was struck by the simplicity of importing existing data, and the agility with which we can adapt the functional specificities of certain use cases, in a secure collaborative environment. "

said Edouard de Reynal.

About Sinergis Informatique:

With a total of 27 certified consultants, Sinergis is an approved Sage center for many software applications, expert and leader in its field, to assist you with a project analysis, audit, configuration or training service.


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