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GreenFlex, a subsidiary of the Total Group, is a French company that combines strategic consulting, operational support, data intelligence and financing, and offers companies solutions to help them make the transition to a more sustainable environment, society and energy.

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Time Management

Need: a tool for time management and activity monitoring

The time management tool desired by GreenFlex was designed to manage all activities that declare forecasted / past times for identified business opportunities or assignments sold by GreenFlex to its customers.

Thus, the tool sought was to make it possible to :

  • Sizing the mission opportunities identified by the sales teams
  • To ensure the follow-up of the missions carried out by the users, with regard to the existing deadlines and by collecting the time spent by each of them.
  • Managing operational activities (forecasting, workloads / even team overloads, still to be done, recruitment needs, profitability, etc.).

The users were not limited to employees who were part of the strategic and operational consulting teams. Cross-functional teams in marketing, innovation and finance could also use the tool.

Why TimeTonic?  

The choice was made for TimeTonic, which exhaustively met the following criteria:

  • Flexibility in assigning specific rights (monitoring for controlling) to each user: sales functions, project managers, employees, business managers, marketing, innovation.
  • Interfacing TimeTonic with SalesForce (opportunities) and QlickView
  • Calculation of opportunity economics in SalesForce
  • Iteration and data modifications between the 2 tools
  • Pre-sales time information
  • Transformation of the opportunity into a mission with the signing of a purchase order
  • Time intelligence "still to be done"
  • Calculation of key mission indicators
  • Activity monitoring
  • Setting up alerts
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