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Loan insurance brokers, substandard risk specialists
TimeTonic appeared to be complete, 100% customizable and flexible
Anne-Cécile Lehuen
Partner - Administrative and Commercial Manager


We are loan insurance brokers, specialists in substandard risks. Our vocation is to find solutions for our clients who encounter difficulties in finding loan insurance (medical history, risky professions or sports...).

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We wanted to

When we created our company a year and a half ago, we were looking for a tool capable of responding to our concern for quality customer service, and to our management imperatives (deadlines to be met, advance notice to be respected...).

We chose TimeTonic

TimeTonic appeared to be complete, 100% customizable and flexible.

With the help of the TimeTonic teams, the tool was shaped according to our needs and our way of working. It was then adapted to meet the new needs that emerged during our development.

TimeTonic helps us on a daily basis

Today TimeTonic gives us a global vision of our current, past and future activities. We can measure our progress, define development axes, to continue our evolution.

We serve our customers better

Management of files, deadlines, cancellations, cash flow... with TimeTonic, the follow-up of our clients is complete and can be consulted by each of us. This allows for continuity in our actions and in the service we provide to our clients.

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