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TimeTonic's highly secure document management and daily backup capabilities in France, with encryption and encryption of communications and files, quickly convinced us that
Jean-Pascal Malaroche


Our motto: "Guarantee the rights of heirs through our know-how. Guaranteeing their inheritance by our Trustee".

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Our Business

Founded in 2001, L'Etude Généalogique Guénifey specializes in estate research.

Our first mission is to establish a devolution, i.e. to determine the number of heirs involved in the succession and their respective qualities. This is a field work, despite access to digital data, requiring meticulousness and patience. But this is only the best known part of our job.

Our role is also to represent the heirs in the settlement of the estate in our capacity as a specialist in family law. This legal part is entrusted to highly qualified staff, mostly from the notary's office.

We wanted to

In order to ensure the follow-up of financial flows with our trustee, we were looking for an agile, collaborative and secure solution to manage and share all the data and elements necessary to make our payments.

TimeTonic is totally in line with our expectations

The ease of use, the power of the tool, the document management capabilities and the highly secure daily backups of TimeTonic in France with encryption of communications and files quickly convinced us. TimeTonic totally meets our expectations.

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