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Construction Site Monitoring
Thanks to TimeTonic, we have been able to quickly take the digital turn through mobility, starting to set up the planning of interventions and forms on mobile phones for technicians, before gradually extending it to the other activities of AD Entreprises: customer service, quotes, invoices, HR, timesheets, logistics, stock management ..., and always with the same solution.
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Created in 2011, AD Entreprises, based in Paris, specialises in plumbing, heating and ventilation. It works on rehabilitation sites in occupied areas as well as on "bungalow" living bases. The company is a member of CAPEB, the employers' association representing the building trade, and GCCP, the association of HVAC and Plumbing Roofing companies.

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Construction Site Monitoring

Why TimeTonic

With TimeTonic and in just a few days, we were able to create a first version of the building intervention management application to replace the Quitus sheets and the task schedule in Excel.

The innovative platform allows users to

With TimeTonic's Kanban view, the team can easily move tasks around by moving the maps around on the giant touch screen in the planning office.

Since AD Entreprises can

Until now, the President managed his quotes and invoices in Excel. Now, TimeTonic allows him to create his own templates for quotes and invoices for his different clients who impose different frames.

It can link quotes and invoices directly to the Task Schedule and thus quickly find all the information about an intervention, thanks to the powerful filters and sorts offered by Timetonic. Time Sheet Management The time sheet management, previously done in Excel, is now done in TimeTonic. Each employee fills in the TimeTonic mobile application with his or her presence or absence times. Thus the manager has for each end of month the time spent per job/intervention and can establish the invoices and pay slips accordingly.

AD Entreprises has seen improvements

- Significant reduction of data entry errors during Quitus statements, -Due time
savings in planning and reporting,
-Easy creation and management of Quotes and Invoices for different customers,
-Easier management of employee time spent,
-Precise reporting of accommodations and sites processed,
-Satisfaction of employees in using an intuitive mobile and Web application.

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