No-code | agéa chooses TimeTonic to launch its new insurance co-brokerage offer

TimeTonic Team
April 21, 2021
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The federation built the CRM and the contract management interface of its new insurance co-brokerage offer via the TimeTonic no-code platform in only six weeks. Aimed at its 7,000 general agents, this flexible and agile offer is the first step towards digital transformation for agéa.

Paris, April 20, 2021 - TimeTonic, the first French no-code platform to design secure and collaborative digital applications for professionals without any programming, has been chosen by agéa, the national federation of general agents' unions, to develop and launch its new insurance co-brokerage offer, agéa Solutions. Thanks to this offer, its 7000 members (general agents) can now propose insurance brokerage offers to their customers.

The Federation has used the TimeTonic SaaS platform to build a complete product that allows the creation and management of contracts, optimal monitoring throughout the life of a contract, fluid collaboration between members and the Federation and automated exchanges with end customers.  

To ensure the highest level of confidentiality and RGPD compliance, agéa relied on TimeTonic's advanced security, data governance and rights management features to develop dedicated spaces where each member of the federation only has access to the data that concerns them.

"We are delighted to have been able to support agéa in this great project, which reinforces our presence in the insurance sector."

said Jean-Michel Durocher, founder and president of TimeTonic.

"Our mission is to offer our customers the freedom and autonomy of an agile, flexible and easily customizable platform, allowing them to implement in record time the secure and collaborative digital cloud and mobile solutions essential to their success - using our ready-to-use templates or starting from scratch - without being subjected to the usual rigid and complex standard tools, or to the costs, delays and bugs of traditional software development.  This new offer, based on TimeTonic Brokerage, our model designed specifically for the brokerage industry and integrating connectors, forms and business requirements of the insurance industry, is a perfect example of what no-code can bring: a rapid creation of value, easily customizable, totally adapted to a concrete need and allowing to considerably accelerate innovation."

A first stone in the building of digital transformation

"At agéa, we consider that expertise and digital ownership are at the forefront of the implementation of services for our members. This co-brokerage offer is a decisive example."

Patrick Evrard, President of agéa, explains.

"When we created this offer, we considered collaborating with various major CRM players, some specific to insurance and others more generalist. But we were finally won over by TimeTonic's flexibility and completeness, which allows us to meet our business skill requirements, but also our needs for agility, adaptability and collaboration. TimeTonic is now one of our trusted partners in the modernization of our services."

The online insurance co-brokerage platform developed with TimeTonic is a first step for agéa, which will evolve over the coming months to offer more services to general agents.

For more information on this new agéa Solutions project:

About TimeTonic

Freeing companies from rigid tools, spreadsheets, and costly software development, TimeTonic is the first French no-code platform for process management, collaboration, and automation that enables the design of secure digital applications directly by business teams, multiplying innovation capacity and accelerating the digital transformation of companies of all sizes.

With its visual interface, its spreadsheet-like relational database that guarantees a common source of truth, and its easily customizable out-of-the-box solutions, TimeTonic enables business teams, without programming skills, to easily and quickly design the digital tools - cloud and mobile - that are essential to their success. From CRM to project management, from construction site monitoring to insurance brokerage management, TimeTonic's use cases are infinite.

In an economic context where digital transformation, team collaboration and innovation capacity are more than ever decisive for the success of companies, the massive deployment of no-code is the next digital revolution. According to Gartner, by 2024, 65% of applications will be built using no-code or low-code tools. Whether it's for internal digital tools to improve productivity or external applications for customers, no-code significantly accelerates the time-to-market.

Voted best SaaS solution and best no-code tool in France in 2020, TimeTonic is already used by thousands of professionals, SMEs and large corporations such as Engie, Vinci and Veolia worldwide, as an agile extension or replacement for many elements of the company's information system.

What our customers say

"We have gained 20 years of development time" - Engie Vertuoz

"We replaced Excel, Trello and Salesforce" - Capgemini ASE

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About agéa

agéa, the national federation of general insurance agents' unions, represents the profession and defends the interests of general agents and those of its individual members. agéa brings together 15 company unions and 12 regional chambers. The main mission of these structures is to support general agents throughout their professional activity. agéa has 7,300 members (64% membership rate) out of the 11,500 general insurance agents.

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