How is EQUANS successfully managing the entire streetcar maintenance in Dijon with TimeTonic

TimeTonic allows EQUANS to successfully manage its curative and preventive maintenance
TimeTonic Team
April 14, 2023
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Equans, which is responsible for the maintenance of the Dijon metropolitan area's tramway system until 2038, has been using Carl's CMMS since the beginning. For several reasons, it was only used at 1% and did not allow Geoffrey Philippon's team, technical manager for Tramway Energie Dijon - Ineo Réseaux EST, to provide its client with a service that matched its skills. In parallel, numerous Excel files were used to compensate for Carl's limitations.
This complicated situation brought its share of problems: double entry, complicated entry, non-intuitive interface, lack of uniformity in entries, loss of entries, no statistics, no HR management, etc. In the end, it was a simple logbook of patch tickets.

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Looking for a solution

To improve maintenance management, Geoffrey Philippon decided to consult several CMMS providers. None of the solutions were retained: they were either too complex or the interfaces did not appeal to the technicians.

It was while discussing his situation with colleagues at Engie, before the company was bought out by the Bouygues group, that the possibility of using TimeTonic as a CMMS came up.
TimeTonic, which was already used by 7 teams at Engie, was recommended by the Inéo team of the TER in Dakar, Senegal, for the management of reserves on its construction sites, as well as by the Sinergis team, which uses it for the management and planning of its thousands of energy optimization sites in the building industry.

After a demo with the technicians, who were involved from the start of the project, the idea was immediately validated.

A few months later, the solution was deployed. The agility offered by TimeTonic made it possible to create a completely customized CMMS solution very quickly. Rather than duplicating the elements retrieved from Carl's CMMS, a real optimization of the processes was carried out, all in direct consultation with the business and technical teams.

Multiple benefits

A complete and customized solution

Complete management of corrective and preventive tickets for the 7 technical batches, in addition to HR issues (multi-technical skills, vacations, absences, training).

Increased safety

The planning of interventions with notifications makes it possible to forget nothing, which reduces the risks of accidents and near misses. The single safety register and the safety talk have also been added to the CMMS.

Considerable time savings

Preventive and/or corrective maintenance progress reports are generated in one click, as well as all other documents. Progress monitoring is visible in real time thanks to the complete dashboard

Autonomy and agility

The department is autonomous in maintaining the solution and upgrading it to meet new needs.

Before, with CARL, it was very complicated to change a maintenance range. You had to go through an administrator and create a ticket. Now, with TimeTonic, in half a day, the matter is settled. We are autonomous in the administration and evolution of the application.

Improved transparency and collaboration

Information is shared in real time with technicians as well as the customer, Dijon Métropôle, who expressed a 100% satisfaction rate following an audit of its tramway maintenance.  

Savings and profitability

Following an analysis of the penalty indicators, the comparison between the data before and after the implementation of Equans by TimeTonic CMMS allowed us to observe a saving of 76 k € on only one of the 7 technical lots. As an indication, multiplying this average by 7 would result in savings of €532k in one year.

An important HR issue

The increased traceability and statistics made possible by the use of data allows the work of the technicians to be valued and their professional skills to be better monitored. Everyone is involved in the quality approach.

CMMS is almost a game. It has become so easy for each technician to create a ticket during a dynamic round in the field. If we notice an anomaly on an equipment such as a shock or a breakdown, we can take a picture from the application and launch an intervention in order to anticipate the risks and penalties.

One year after deploying TimeTonic CMMS, Equans teams are more than satisfied, as is their customer.

During the first 10 years of operation, the city of Dijon complained about our CMMS. Today, it's quite the opposite. We have a high-performance CMMS and our customer is 100% satisfied.
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