Remote work: Why and how to make the spreadsheet more collaborative?

Remote work

Invented more than 35 years ago, the good old spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel for example) is still the most widely used management tool in companies (customer management, purchasing, projects, communication planning, intervention planning, estimates, invoices, order tracking, construction site management ...). In this period where teleworking is becoming more and more widespread, what are the advantages and disadvantages of moving from spreadsheets to cloud and collaborative solutions?

In this age of teleworking, how to combine the simplicity, flexibility and autonomy of the spreadsheet with the many advantages of online collaboration solutions.

The objective of this webinar was to understand why the spreadsheet has been so successful and remains so popular. We discussed its limitations (rgpd, telecommuting, mobility) and the benefits of collaborative management solutions. Finally, in conclusion we looked at whether it was possible tocombine the advantages of both worlds: the flexibility of the spreadsheet and the power of modern management tools.

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