TimeTonic Demo: the solution for visual, cloud & mobile management and collaboration!

TimeTonic Team
June 16, 2020
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Forget about rigid, costly, complex management tools that restrict innovation and lock you in, and overly simple solutions that do not meet the real needs of businesses.

Combining an intelligent database - the Smart-Table® - as flexible and easy to use as a spreadsheet and instant messaging that facilitates teamwork, TimeTonic is a visual, cloud & mobile management and collaboration platform that can be fully customized without programming.

Come and discover how hundreds of teams, brokers, craftsmen, VSEs, SMEs and large groups such as Engie, Vinci, Total or Veolia work as a team in the office, remotely or mobile and gain agility by using TimeTonic to manage projects, timesheets, customer relations, planning, HR, documents as easily as order tracking, mobile interventions, site reserves, building maintenance or insurance claims.

We'll show how to get started in seconds from ready-to-use templates or how to create your own cloud and mobile solutions in minutes.

Come and discover :

  • elegantly designed numbers (spreadsheet, kanban, calendar, planning, Gantt, cartography, pivot table) adapted to each need,
  • the 30 types of columns that allow you to drag and drop photos and documents, create links between tables or customize the status of a project,
  • the operation of the native mobile application and its offline mode,
  • how to create web and mobile forms that instantly populate your databases,
  • how to generate pdf documents from word or excel templates,
  • create mirror views for your partners or customers by finely managing access rights,
  • create extensions for your existing ERPs and tools,
  • Automate your business processes with TimeTonic and Zapier.
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