Simplify the management
of your brokerage firm

Une solution visuelle, cloud et mobile de gestion de courtage

Collaborative, cloud and mobile brokerage management solution

Created with brokers for brokers

Your custom brokerage management software package

CRM for customer and prospect management

Quick to get started

Access a global view of all your data

Find your customer and contract files quickly with the search bar

Import your data by simple copy and paste

A detailed customer file

A 360° view of your customers and your business

View all the information related to a client, a contract or a claim on a full page sheet in a simple and visual way, with fields and colors making it easy to read at a glance

Adapt the structure of your files in a few seconds, without development knowledge

Your data are interconnected and allow, for example, one-click access to contracts from the customer file, and vice versa

Contract and claims management

Easily create your own templates and contract types and track all the information that is important to you

Link your contracts to customers, claims, collections and referrers

Follow the status of a claim, the relations with the insured, the insurance company and the experts

Activity monitoring

Organize your appointments, deadlines, reminders, phone calls and other tasks using the Spreadsheet, Kanban, Calendar or Timeline views.

The Kanban view allows you to manage your entire activity visually and as a team, by simply dragging and dropping the card from one column to another to change the status of a task, its allocation or its level of importance.

TimeTonic automatically keeps track of all changes. You know who modified which value (name, date, status, amount, etc.) and when, for a total traceability.

Electronic Document Management - EDM

The electronic management of your documents becomes intuitive

Find for the first time all your documents with their context (customer information or contract details for example)

Whatever their format, drag and drop your files from your computer, email, or copy a link to an online document (cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive or a simple URL) and it will be available directly in TimeTonic

Management of cash receipts

As simple as a spreadsheet

A global view of all your collection data, linked to your contracts and customers

Import and export directly to Excel by simple copy and paste

Harness the power of TimeTonic at all times


Insert new fields in seconds (dates, texts, numbers, choices, chat rooms, attachments, formulas...).

Color and format your cells as you wish.


Automate your premium and commission calculations with our easy-to-use formulas.

Use your amounts, dates, duration and text.


Nothing is fixed in TimeTonic, move your columns, create an infinite number of filters, duplicate your workspace.

Share your notebooks in collaborative mode or manage the rights of your members.

Collaborative Space

Thanks to instant messaging, which allows to chat and send notifications and sms, employees share ideas and documents in real time.

TimeTonic is not like other software that locks you into a straitjacket. Customize TimeTonic yourself to infinity, by adding fields, tables, forms, filters, views, creating your own document templates, creating automation, validation or mailing workflows, interfacing with more than 1500 applications and your website, creating spaces for your customers, without any programming.

Easily manage members' rights: depending on the rights assigned, you can modify the structure, create content or simply read it.

Native mobile application

Instant native mobile

Offline Mode

Mobile form

Voice report

Barcode / QR Code



The features of TimeTonic

Customer and prospect management
Management of business introducers and commissions
Events, tasks and reminders
Contract and claims management
Integrated document management (EDM)
Follow-up of receipts and collections
Process automation, workflows
Sending emailing and SMS campaigns
Multi-criteria search engine
Easy export of slips
Integrated messaging (emails, SMS, chat)
Customized Word, Excel, PDF documents
Native mobile application available offline
Integration with more than 1500 programs via Zapier
Hosting in France 100% RGPD

TimeTonic adapts to the way you work

Everything you need in one place


Simplifiez votre gestion et libérez votre organisation !

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