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These tailor-made digital solutions at the service of business operational teams
TimeTonic Team
June 5, 2019
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The majority of organizations and companies use "business tools" to manage all or part of their business. These tools, generally approved by the General Management, respond to problems of management of commercial, accounting and HR processes, etc...

They have often been defined to meet strategic and financial challenges. The primary objective is above all to feed dashboards, to produce key figures to better manage the company and to have sufficient indicators to make the right decisions.

However, customer requirements, the economic and competitive environment, the geographies addressed, change, evolve or even pivot. The business applications that could in their time, at the time of their implementation, be adapted to the management needs of the company find their limits over the years.

Companies are forced to make their information systems, or at least their digital work tools, evolve in order to adapt.

Competitive companies are looking to adapt.

Some seek to break down silos and implement "collaborative tools" alongside the solutions already in use, while others try to respond to the challenges of mobility with tools that are often extensions of the existing ones with the inherent recurring synchronization problems. In 2018, French employees reported* using an average of 5.24 IT productivity tools.

Unfortunately, all these tools implemented over time require teams to question themselves, to participate in sometimes long and costly training, to change their work habits, and to modify organizations to better comply with the constraints imposed by the new tools.

Operational managers, who on a daily basis have to manage their business in order to meet customer expectations and changes in management direction, are at the heart of the digital transformation. Confronted with the limits of business tools, teams are condemned to adapt. They become the driving force in suggesting and implementing solutions that are as close as possible to their work habits, quick to implement, and that they can develop in total autonomy.

That said, for more than 30 years, any successful operational team has been using the basics of word processing, and more particularly spreadsheets, to manage part of its activity or to compensate for the lack of these business tools.

The Spreadsheet is easy to access and meets simple to very advanced needs for advanced users.

48% of French employees say they work in collaborative mode.

However, in a context of collaborative management, mobility and data exploitation, the spreadsheet also has some major limitations.

These custom digital solutions are growing rapidly.

As a result, today's teams are looking at and adopting, in addition to or instead of their "business tools" or "collaborative tools", solutions that precisely meet today's imperatives and will enable them to anticipate their future needs. They resemble a spreadsheet for their ease of use and handling, they are completely scalable by the users themselves, they have all the advantages of a modern business tool by integrating as standard, a fine management of rights, a collaborative chat, archiving of attachments (estimates, photos ...), customizable forms, mobile access online and offline, an opening to market applications ....

These solutions, designed to adapt very easily to the needs of operational teams, are experiencing strong growth in demand.

The Employee, user of these simple, agile and tailor-made solutions is thus put back at the center of organizations, to better serve customers and ultimately the company's strategy... QED, everyone is a winner.

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