TimeTonic Keynote 2023 (Partner & Customer Event)

Join us for a journey along TimeTonic partners & customers. Discover our product roadmap, AI integration, fabulous TimeTonic use cases and more !
TimeTonic Team
December 4, 2023
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The success of a company in the tech world is often the result of many factors, and one of the most important is having a strong, close-knit, caring community.
Of course, having a quality product that is reliable and meets the needs of its users is also necessary, but as everywhere else, knowing how to surround yourself with trustworthy partners and loyal, passionate customers is an important phase on the road to success.

At TimeTonic, we strive to maintain the link between all the communities that make the product and the company where they are today. TimeTonic's strength lies in its people, their passion, ideas and continuous feedback.

It's in this context, and after a more than successful first edition in 2021 (launch of the new version of TimeTonic - v7) that on Thursday November 16, 2023, we organized the second Keynote in our history in the company of some fifty partners and customers.

Read on to discover or re-discover a 2023 edition rich in announcements, use cases, exchanges and smiles!

Exceptional partners

Many would like their successes to be personal, the sole reason for their fame, but this is rarely the case. At TimeTonic we know that our success is based on incredible human elements, and that the product is what it is today thanks to ever more passionate and caring teams and partners!

We simply wanted to celebrate, congratulate and thank our partners, more and more of whom are working towards the rise of NoCode and their favorite tool, TimeTonic.

Thanks to TimeTonic partners

This Thursday morning was reserved exclusively for our partners, and was an opportunity to review the year to date, preview new products, and thank and reward our partners for their success.

Thanks to our exceptional partners, TimeTonic's reputation is reaching new heights. The extremely positive results are a resounding testimony to our continuing success, meaning that our upward trajectory has only just begun.

These partners, the true architects of this success alongside TimeTonic's in-house teams, deserved recognition commensurate with their exceptional contribution. And so the prestigious 'TimeTonic Awards' ceremony - the first of its kind - was established to honour exemplary levels of partnership, from benchmark to Gold and Platinum status.

Zelig partner team with Jean-Michel Durocher & Thierry Sappia
Zelig's Team

New partner area

In order to better serve our partners, and given their growing numbers, it became imperative to create a digital space dedicated to them.

The TimeTonic Partner Portal will give all our partners access to dedicated resources (demos, podcasts, tutorials, etc.), a space for centralizing the transmission of leads and facilitating follow-up, as well as many other features such as partner commission tracking!

The event was also an opportunity for our partners to present to the entire organization some highly relevant improvements for the evolution of our NoCode platform.

Certification program

We had the opportunity to discover the creation of the official TimeTonic certification program, designed and set up jointly by long-standing Platinum partner Zelig Consultant and TimeTonic's in-house project and support teams.

This program will enable our partners to certify themselves after their training, and clearly demonstrate their knowledge and expertise of our tool. The certifications will be of various types and will take the form of tests of around forty questions.
Further details of the TimeTonic certification program will be announced shortly, so stay tuned.

An effervescent morning that captured the attention of many participants!
Punctuated by hard-hitting announcements and moments of surprise, it left our entire network of partners satisfied, but also a little hungry. We had planned ahead for the event, with an invigorating lunch break conducive to exchanges and conviviality. It was in this energetic atmosphere that our partners were able to eat before sharing a special moment with our teams. This short break culminated in the enthusiastic arrival of our first customers and promising future ones. The second part of our event, the Customer Event, got underway in an atmosphere conducive to success.

A passionate community

After a powerful introduction, featuring a reminder of our vision and the latest news from TimeTonic by our Chairman and founder Jean-Michel Durocher, alongside our Director of Business Development, Thierry Sappia, the TimeTonic Customer Event 2023 got off to a flying start with a captivating focus on the product.

Picture of TimeTonic's Team & partners
TimeTonic Team & Partners

TimeTonic, a constantly evolving platform

TimeTonic as a NoCode management tool has become a must-have for many professionals in all sectors, made possible by the extensive feedback we receive from our users.

It therefore seemed obvious to us to also share with those present in the room, the priorities we are currently working on.

Attendees were treated to a dynamic presentation of the TimeTonic RoadMap. The icing on the cake: they were invited to vote, thanks to an ingenious application (developed, of course, in TimeTonic 😁) by our partner Zyllio, to assess the relevance of the new features to come. And believe me, what we've come up with is sure to please! On the menu, among other exciting innovations:

  • New TimeTonic API
  • Automations via Webhook
  • Integration Make
  • Multi-base
  • White Label
  • More AI features

The event continued in a euphoric mood, with a session presenting case studies from different types of customer, and a surprise presentation from one of our partners!

Davi - TimeTonic and the integration of conversational AI

To kick off the presentation festivities, we gave the stage to our partner Davi, who shared his exciting project integrated with TimeTonic. This initiative aligns perfectly with our vision to bring more automation and artificial intelligence to TimeTonic, offering all our users the ability to manage their data more effectively than ever before.

Davi, through its Technical Director (Sébastien BIAUDET), presented the integration of its conversational AI into TimeTonic in front of enthusiastic faces. Currently in the beta phase, it already enables users to ask data-analysis-oriented questions such as:

  • Can you tell me the latest urgent interventions?
  • Can you tell me how much time was spent on maintenance on November 08?
  • How can I see the activity tracking map?
Davi AI interface in TimeTonic
Davi interface in TimeTonic

Fabulous customers


To manage 15 incubators and business hotels in the Paris region and Auxerre, Wacano was looking for a platform that met certain criteria:

  • Harmonize processes
  • Collect and update data (guarantee traceability and accuracy of information)
  • Reporting
  • Save time
  • RGPD compliance

With TimeTonic, they have created a range of applications that enable them to manage a large number of their needs (sales management, property management, project management, events management, reporting, etc.).

Wacano business management workspace in TimeTonic


Our partner, Édouard De Reynal (SODINFO), has created TimeTonic, a system for managing and tracking requests for assistance from a network of Service Stations for the Oil Group (SOL AG).

The aim is to improve the processing of requests for assistance made by its service station network, and gain in efficiency.

SOL AG intervention management workspace

AP-HP (Hôpitaux de Paris)

As part of the digitization and automation of clinical research processes, the Department of Clinical Research and Innovation (DRCI) is responsible for managing and monitoring all research and innovation projects developed within the AP-HP.
AP-HP (38 university hospitals in France) has selected TimeTonic as its partner for this mission.

With a view to accelerating, simplifying and reinforcing research support systems, the DRCI teams at AP-HP have set up web forms and automated processes to create dematerialized files for these applications.

Thanks to TimeTonic, they are able to track research projects more effectively, manage their activity more efficiently and monitor satisfaction.

Dashboard view from AP-HP workspace


To increase employee loyalty, automate processes and eliminate re-keying, the SNEF group has dematerialized a large number of its internal processes using TimeTonic.

  • Intervention management (500,000 interventions/year)
  • Maintenance contract management (900 contracts)
  • Site management (9,000 sites)
  • OnBoarding / OffBoarding / Recruitment
  • Directory / Trombinoscope
  • Absence management
  • Time and attendance
  • CRM / Activity tracking / Quotations
  • Vehicle, telephone and asset management
  • VMS - Safety Management Visit

Thanks to this digitalization, the company has reduced its Turn Over by 20%.

Cocktail reception

To round off this wonderful day, partners, customers, interested parties and TimeTonic staff were invited to a cocktail reception.

Exchanges, interested and interesting discussions about NoCode in general or TimeTonic, in-depth demos of some of the use cases presented in the afternoon or simple discussions to get to know partners and customers, partners and collaborators, customers and TimeTonic teams punctuated this late evening and allowed us to put faces to names.

Special mention to Lucas, our support manager, who met many of his torturers 😁

Partners and TimeTonic members at the cocktail
A well deserved Cocktail to end the day!

All good things must come to an end, and after a very long but extremely interesting day, it's time to pack up and turn out the lights.

Until next year!

Jean-Michel Durocher, Partners, Customers and team members
Thanks to all those who make TimeTonic what it is today!
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