Data is the Application !

Jean-Michel Durocher
October 4, 2018
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All businesses and organizations, large and small, have to manage a multitude of activities and information, it's a constant headache.

And while we can be proud of Europe and happy as citizens about the new European Regulation on the protection of personal data (RGPD), this initiative imposes very significant legal constraints on more than 20 million businesses in Europe.

However, most existing management tools are obsolete, rigid, complex, slow companies down and demotivate employees and, as they do not comply with this new European regulation, they also impose very heavy financial risks on companies.

With the acceleration of technological and economic change, rigid, pyramid-shaped companies that are unable or unwilling to change, are disappearing faster and faster or are doomed to disappear, it is critical for all organizations to implement agile and collaborative solutions and begin their "digital transition".

However, while there is a multitude of recent management tools on the market, they are still too often either too simple, too expensive, too segmented, too cumbersome, or communicate poorly with each other, and most of the time require a myriad of experts to be deployed effectively, and always without taking full account of the constraints associated with the DPMR.

Moreover, designing new software in-house remains an expensive and very time-consuming operation, not to mention the complexity of maintenance and updates, and the difficulty of finding developers, an increasingly scarce resource. In France alone, it is estimated that there is a shortage of 40,000 developers and that this number should exceed 200,000 in the next 5 years.

In looking for the best way to help companies manage their processes and activities simply and effectively, we first sought to understand what was common to all management needs.

However, all management tools can be summed up in the efficient management of data (dates, email, status, numbers, files, descriptions, people, barcodes, etc.) and the best way to enter them, view them, manipulate them manually or automatically, link them together, extract information or actions from them, and communicate them internally or externally.

So, rather than developing a tool, why not focus on the data instead?

So we chose to develop a visual database and management solution that allows you to easily manage all this data and create your own applications, both cloud and mobile, in a matter of minutes.

A real paradigm shift: more application, more programming!

Data is the Application.

Rather than starting from an application to meet a need, we will allow us to start from the need, translate it into data and data relationships, visually, and voila, the application is ready. In both cloud and native mobile versions.

And with out-of-the-box templates to manage its most critical or routine activities, a business can start up instantly without outside help.

That's how we developed TimeTonic, a new innovative, intelligent visual database, collaboration and management platform that allows any professional to manage their company's data and activities for their office, factory and mobile needs, makes it simple to comply with European data protection regulations, and allows them to develop, launch, run and update their own cloud and mobile applications in minutes, with the flexibility of a spreadsheet, in total autonomy.

For example, TimeTonic can be used for sales management, customer support, project management, non-conformance management, insurance brokerage management, human resources management, document management, contract management, expense claim management, mobile team response management, without ever requiring development skills and without the need for external developers or consultants.

The opportunity is immense. We believe that by giving them more autonomy, millions of businesses across Europe will be able to implement their digital transformation faster, simpler and much more economically.

The cloud, mobile, business process automation and now artificial intelligence - perhaps one of the most important future changes in the 21st century for business competitiveness - are all new technologies that are radically changing the way businesses are run, creating enormous opportunities for those who embrace them, and leaving those who are slow to master them far behind.

We believe that our technology and our disruptive approach have the potential to help European companies become digital champions within weeks or even days, enabling them to be more productive and globally competitive.

Jean-Michel Durocher


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