Why does TimeTonic and Zapier match up so well?


Zapier is a powerful web service that makes it easy to connect applications together. Concretely you can create rules (zaps) that describe which "actions" (sending an email for example) to apply when a triggering event (a "trigger") occurs in an application. In TimeTonic, most triggers are triggered by adding a new line in a table and/or in a filtered view.

To sum up, the principle is simple: "When this happens ... Do this ..."

There are many applications, for example, you can connect your TimeTonic application to a Google or Outlook calendar to create appointments from a client file. And this is just one example among a wide variety of possible zaps.

But probably the most popular zap at TimeTonic is the automated sending of emails.

The two necessary steps to send an email from TimeTonic using Zapier

Imagine, with a simple click (by changing a status for example) on the master record of a customer or an account, you can trigger the sending of a mail. The mail includes the information from the master record and is sent directly to the e-mail address entered in the master record. It's as simple as that.

But that's not all, you can associate the sending of the mail directly with a document generated from TimeTonic, to kill two birds with one stone.

Generate the travel certificate for your employees in one click and send it to them directly by e-mail.

The Autodocs allow you to generate your Word and Excel templates (quotations, work orders, etc.) from the information in TimeTonic in just one click. The document can then be easily added as an attachment to the email, which will in turn be sent thanks to Zapier.

And that's it, in two clicks you can generate & send a document by email. Magic!

When the status changes to "Send message" the line arrives in a zap view which triggers the sending of the mail, the status then changes to "Message sent".

To go further, it is possible to trigger the sending of several mails at once, simply by modifying the statuses of different lines.

It is with this type of automation that you can save precious time and improve your productivity.

Of course, this is only an example of the benefits that the TimeTonic platform brings you, don't hesitate to contact us to discover much more!

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