Septembre 2023

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Back from holiday, summer's coming to an end, but the news on your favourite platform doesn't stop there. Find out what's new on TimeTonic this summer below!

Major improvements

Hide a Smart-page

It is now possible to add Smart-pages (embedding forms from dashboards, Google docs, etc.) to view groups and hide them.

Authentication required on external form

External forms used to read or modify an existing record can now be protected by authentication for greater security and traceability.

Line creation during automation

It is now possible to create a row in a table using automation. Ideal for creating action logs, recurring tasks, etc.


  • Automatic refresh of the formulas in the table when one of them is modified;
  • 2-level pivot table: You can group by a field from the same table even if the first column is a link;
  • New field type: record URL. Very useful, for example, for emailing the link to the request to be validated in a purchasing process workflow;
  • You can now arrange your dashboards in a view group;
  • On Android mobiles and tablets, you can now save your data as you go, so there's no need to press the save button;
  • In the automations, it is now possible to access the linked elements of a link ;
  • Admins can now delete backup files in the messaging system ;
  • Following on from the possibility of arranging your Smart-pages in view groups, you also have the option of hiding them from the left-hand menu;