September - October 2019

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Automatic backup of autodocs, new formulas...

Automatic backup of autodocs

New option for autodocs to automatically save each doc/pdf file generated when clicking in an attachment column.

Ideal to be notified when a customer clicks on a quote (via TimeTonic notifications) and be sure to keep an exact record of the document consulted and the date the document was generated.

New SUBSTR formula

(String, Start, Length) which returns the String segment (a string) starting at the position Start and a maximum length of Length (Start starts at 0 and Length is optional).Example 1: SUBSTR("hello world", 0, 1) returns "h".Example 2: SUBSTR("hello world", 6, 4) returns "worl".
Example 3: SUBSTR("hello world", 6) returns "world".
As always the parameters can be either constants or another field.

New formula HTML_TO_TEXT  

Convert HTML to text.