October & November 2023

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The end of the year is approaching, the festive season is about to begin and beautiful gifts will soon be appearing under the tree. At TimeTonic, we've decided to spoil you early.

In this article, you'll find the latest product news, enhancements and fixes for your favorite tool, TimeTonic.

Let's start with the flagship feature of this October - November 2023 edition of What's New.

Feature Highlights

Multi-Select field

Wouldn't it be great if TimeTonic allowed you to create multi-select fields? Now you can.
Labels, for instance, no longer require you to go through the links.

Other important features

Easy navigation between records

The form view (TimeTonic internal form) now incorporates arrows to simplify navigation between records.
In other words, you do not need to close the form in order to move onto the next customer file.

Attachment preview

The form view now features a dedicated section on the right that displays the attachment preview for attachment fields (images or pdfs).
The function is ideal, for instance, for displaying an image of a scan and filling in adjacent fields.

Duplicating a column and conditional visibility

When duplicating a column, if conditional visibility was applied to it, the latter wasn't duplicated, and it had to be redone. From now on, conditional settings applied to the column(s) in your workspace will also be duplicated. Reduce errors, increase productivity, and save time.

Various improvements and new features

  • API: expose the call to retrieve values from a DCT (getCarnetFormPivot);
  • Lookup: when a new column is created, it will take the name of the targeted column in the other table;
  • After creating a "select list from another table" column, you can now modify the view;
  • External form: You can now customize the save button;
  • Attachment field option: You can now create a line for each file imported by mass import;
  • When the "access denied" error message appears, you now know why;
  • Mobile (iOS and Android): Display a confirmation message when deleting a record;
  • Calendar view: the legend now corresponds to the filters applied to the view;

And that's it for the period.

2 busy months come to an end, the final stretch of the year has begun, and we'll see you again early next year for another round-up of TimeTonic news.

In the meantime, don't hesitate to consult our Help Center by clicking here, or check out our video tutorials or demos to enhance your TimeTonic skills!