October 2022

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Best feature of the month

After focusing on internal collaboration with the new Chat experience, for this October, we are highlighting productivity with TimeTonic native automation.

More power to your workspace

To start, we are integrating 2 native automations that will save you time in many of your daily tasks.

After the redesigned Gantt view and messaging, it's time to integrate a major feature everyone has been waiting for!

Automations allow you to set up custom trigger action workflows directly in your TimeTonic workspaces.

This will save you and your team time by automating repetitive tasks, increasing communication efficiency and reducing the overall margin of error.

To find out how to set up your automations, you can visit our help center.

New features of this fall

New field type: Coordinates

This field allows you to store 2 numerical values, which can be used as input for the cartographic view in order to precisely geo-locate places.
It is possible to select its position in the "geolocation" field options.

New type of field : URL Fiche

This is a generic access route to a form, shareable by email or Zapier.

Viewing PDFs

Your automatic or DMS PDF documents in TimeTonic now open in preview in your gallery.

Comment notification via Zapier

Comments created by Zapier now generate notifications in the mailbox.

Video player

Opening your video attachments now starts in autoplay

View groups

You can create folders to group your favorite views.
Ideal to navigate faster or organize your views by project stages or stakeholder groups.

Tagging users

The TimeTonic user IDs of the members of a notebook are now suggested when writing in the messaging system or in comments. No more need to remember everything.

And that's not all

  • Automatic documents can be named according to the value of an existing field or by free input;
  • The order of the lines in GANTT view can be modified by drag and drop;
  • In table, the "Conditional selection" field takes into account the color;
  • Dates from Lookup can be used for formulas;
  • The height of the Timeline lines is adjustable;
  • Shortcuts : CTRL + ENTER to save a message when editing it;
  • Include files" option when exporting a form;
  • Date format filters are active if the date comes from a lookup;
  • The field "Last modification" is considered as a date to use it in the filters;
  • New filter on a date : "in the last x days;
  • Activation of the "Shift click" to select several links at once;
  • New tag system for the export with Excel template : you can enter directly $(crochet)code(crochet) in the cell and not in the cell name;