November - December 2020

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Company accounts, dashboards, sector reports

Company account

A newcomer to your company? You need to invite him to the same notebooks as his team and assign him the same rights?

Your data is grouped under one account. Invite your collaborators, manage their rights and options in a few clicks in a new kind of TimeTonic notebook. Ideal to manage a large number of employees and keep control of your data.

Manage your teams even more easily with TimeTonic's corporate accounts.

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Structure your company!


We are now integrated with Serenytics, which allows you to create a custom dashboard and get an overview of your data to manage your business more efficiently.

With this new feature*, combine multiple tables in a single view and organize your data graphically .Learn more about this new feature

All the indicators to keep an eye on all your processes and your performance

Sector models

With several years at your side, TimeTonic offers you the opportunity to choose the sector in which you work in order to provide you with a workspace designed according to your needs, ready to use.

Whether you manage construction sites, contracts, clients or projects, TimeTonic allows you to start your digital transformation in 2 clicks after you register thanks to our model notebooks specially designed by and for you.

It's as simple as that, you have a new option at registration allowing you to select the sector in question and the workspace is automatically available on your account.

Accelerate your digital transformation!

Enhancement of mobile applications


- Default Values

- Duplicate Recording Function

- Comment field

- Add the event to the mobile calendar

- Accept invitations to the notebooks

- Dark mode


- Accept invitations to the notebooks

- Disable all unread notifications at once

- Link selection filter

The mobile version of TimeTonic is even better!

And that's not all!
  • New error messages
  • Fixed various mirror view bugs
  • Security update