November - December 2019

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Infinite data scrolling, replication, email management, conditional visibility...

Infinite scrolling

No more need to click to make more than 100 data appear on your table. The infinite scrolling has arrived and it will simplify your life.

Ideal to navigate easily through your numerous data!

Email management

You now have the possibility to manage your mailbox directly from TimeTonic. More information to come in the TimeTonic knowledge base!

Save time by linking your contracts and projects directly with your email exchanges!

Export of CSV

The file is now exported in the chat and is only visible to the user who requested the export.

Exporting CSV files is faster and confidentiality is preserved!

Export Word / Excel

Export of several photos to multiple links via Word or Excel.

Refer to the TimeTonic knowledge base for more information, in the "Word Export" or "Excel Export" section.

Generate your documents automatically more easily!

Export Excel template to PDF

As with Word templates, automatically generate PDFs via Excel autodocs.

Automatically generate and send your reports, invoices or quotes

Kanban View

Possibility to duplicate a map in Kanban view. The option is available by passing the mouse over the map and clicking on the "duplicate" icon to automatically duplicate the map.

The Kanban view is getting smoother!

Conditional visibility

Make your conditional columns in the master record view. Define criteria in order to make fields appear or not to be entered.

Organize a path based on the answers you enter on TimeTonic and leave no room for mistakes!

Encrypted column

Create encrypted columns to best protect your data.

Ideal for storing passwords for emails for example or any other information!

Various optimizations

Quick search, replication, asynchronous CSV export and much more!

TimeTonic has never been faster!

And that's not all!
  • The text entered in the search is no longer written automatically when you click on +.
  • The quick search is based on the first 10 columns in order to increase reactivity. If you wish to add other columns, use the CONCAT () formula to integrate other columns.
  • URLs in comment fields are now clickable
  • Signing option available in the TimeTonic mobileapp
  • Adding the color option in the map view