May - June 2020

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Fixed columns, performance gains, buttons...

Fixed columns

You can now freeze several columns of your table.

You have essential data in the first columns and you absolutely need to be able to keep an eye on it while browsing? This feature is for you.

Make your tools clearer!

Performance gains

TimeTonic is becoming more efficient. And so are you!

Queries have been optimized and the latency has been divided by 100 in some cases.

Buy some time!

URL or autodoc buttons in Table View

You can choose to turn URLs into a button in Table View.

Whether it's URLs or autodoc links, you now have the option to "turn into a button" to translate the URL into a more aesthetic button.

Customize your tools!

Chat display option

Define which users have access to the chat area.

In the list of members in a logbook, you can decide not to give access to the chat area for confidentiality or comfort.

Stay focused on what matters!

Enhancement of mobile applications


- Alert message if you exit a recording without saving

- Anti-doubling management

- Refresh button for formula calculations and auto-excel


- Deleting data from a mirror notebook

- Anti-doubling management

- Possibility to delete data in mirror view

The mobile version of TimeTonic is even better!