Mars 2023

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Main feature of the month

Because the security of your data is our priority, we have implemented 2-factor authentication (2FA).

2FA authentication

2FA authentication is a security method based on identity and access management that requires two forms of identification to access resources and data.

Among the advantages, secret code generators are more effective than traditional passwords. Since each secret code is unique and temporary, it is the most secure option.

The process is easy to manage, user-friendly and the option can be activated by user profile.

Visit our blog to read the article What is 2FA and why use it and our online help site to activate it.

Feature of the month

Restricted API access

API access is now decided at the level of a user on each workspace, like web and/or mobile access. Control even more who can do what!
[Online help]

Formulas and Automations

The change of date resulting from a formula makes it possible to trigger an automation. For example, use Date_delta_today to trigger reminders. No more oversights!

Default values

Set your defaults values directly from View Actions, located in the menu. It is even easier!

New filter

A new filter is available: "contains the TimeTonic ID of the workspace". This allows you to define a view for different workspaces.

Photo taking in external form

You can allow to automatically launch the camera from an attachment field of an external form. Facilitate feedback from your external users.

Duplicate a column

No need to create the same columns several times, just duplicate them. Save time in customizing your applications.

But also :

  • New option on the attachment field : "images only"
  • Emojis are supported in email automation
  • Export your pivot tables in CSV
  • Hide the first column in a view
  • Edit the settings of a blank form once it is created
  • New view option: disallow row deletion
  • New condition for native TimeTonic automations: Else
  • Pivot Table: When the calculation method is the average, the total column at the end of the line calculates the average of all the values of the line and not the total of the averages
  • Disable Excel automations in one click