March - April 2021

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TimeTonic improved external form, improved signature forms and mobile improvements

What happened March and April? TimeTonic was improved again with brand new functionalities.

We gain in functionalities, you gain in efficiency

Take control of your business

Compulsory checkbox

For our customers who urgently needed to make a check box mandatory, the "mandatory" option is now also available for the "check box" fields!

Ideal for example to make sure that the general conditions have been read and accepted in an external form.

Management of link-type fields in the external form

Links to another table are finally available in external forms.

Ideal to offer multiple choices for example.

If you are not familiar with external forms, check here

Take advantage of TimeTonic's core functionality in your external forms with ease.


Do you work with mobile teams or clients? You can now offer handwritten signature in your external forms.

Get your time sheets, timesheets or quotes signed simply by sending your contact the link to the external form containing your information to be filled in or documents to be validated and add an "attachment" field to the form with the "signature only" option.

Make your clients sign your attendance sheets or even your customers on the field.

Facilitate your processes

Enhancement of mobile applications

Data saving Mode

Save on your data plan and on your TimeTonic subscription by using the data saving mode while sending large pictures.

Size is automatically reduced while keeping the quality.


  • Read-only notebook calendar.
  • Added NFC reading
  • Status of "read" notifications when clicking on a notebook badge.
  • Data saving mode
  • Support of the history field
  • List of book members


  • Data saving mode
  • Support of the history field
  • List of book members

The mobile version of TimeTonic is even better!