March - April 2020

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Prohibition of duplicates, notifications, updating of mobile applications

Prohibition of duplication

You can now configure your columns to form a unique key. This will prevent duplicates from being created in the table in question.

When adding a contact, TimeTonic will notify you if the contact already exists in your database.

Strengthen the consistency of your database!

Related table column of a related table column

No more need to go through a CONCAT () in order to retrieve your related table columns.

Let's imagine three tables: contracts, clients and contacts. You can now retrieve in a contract the email address of the main contact of the customer attached to the contract directly with a related table column.

Simplify your life!

Multiple management of restricted columns

No need to hide, show or read only the columns one by one. A new option in the restricted columns allows you to apply the choice to all columns in the table.

If you have a lot of columns apply a restriction to them with one click.

Manage your tables more efficiently!

Sound notifications

You can configure notifications in your profile and in your tables. You will get an audible notification when a new message appears in the logbook.

Enable this option to track each exchange and facilitate communication between employees.

Don't miss any more!

Enhancement of mobile applications


- Multilingual support (FR/ENG)

- Link View

- Trigger action on Phone and Email fields

- Conditional visibility


- Paging implementation

- Link View

- Autodoc buttons and URLs

- Conditional visibility

- Mirror view deletion authorization

The mobile version of TimeTonic is even better!

And that's not all!

- Set a filter on the Select!

- Multiple deletion!

-Table import processing pop-up!

- Improvement of the data import tool!