Mai 2023

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Features of the summer

AND and OR filters

You can now combine AND and OR filters. Whereas before you had to choose between one or the other, you can now nest AND and OR to simply process complex conditions. Ideal for analyzing your data and creating automations even more easily.

Input mask

A new option in the Text and Telephone fields lets you apply an input mask and standardise your entries. This is very useful for guiding entries and making sure you don't forget a digit in a Siret or telephone number, for example.


A new type of 'coordinates' field is now available, with an editor that lets you geolocate a point on a map, with the option of automatically recording its position. This field is of course also available in map view and on mobile phones! Ideal, for example, for a social landlord who needs to pinpoint incivilities on a map, or for a local authority that wants to manage road maintenance.

ICS automation

A new automation is here! Generate .ics invitation files from the data in your tables (recipient, date, subject, location, content, etc.) to create calendar invitations automatically.

Include files in the export procedure

You can choose to export documents contained in your tables when exporting data using the includeFiles option. Make full backups of your data!

Form URLs for your workflows

The form URL is now available. You can now easily share the URL of a customer record, a ticket or a validation request. By clicking on the URL, the form will open directly on the right record and with the right view.  Ideal for simplifying and automating all your workflows!

But also :

  • Shortcuts: select several links at once using "Shift+Click".
  • Added the option of choosing a colour column in the Conditional selection field
  • Ability to define several unique keys in the .CSV import procedure
  • New choice of thousands separators in the number field: no separator and new options for US and FR separators
  • Allow free text to be entered in the Conditional selection field
  • Save the last tab / view selected in a new view group
  • Shortcuts: "Ctrl+Enter" to save a message in the comment field when editing it
  • Comments fields: by default, the option to send a message is activated
  • Add a clickable link in automations and emails
  • New condition for native automation parameters: UNLESS
  • New QR Code option: Simple text