June - July 2017

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TimeTonic 2 comes to Android

The native TimeTonic 2 mobile application is now available for Android devices.

Download it quickly to discuss with your teams, and consult and update your data in the field, either in real time or in delayed time if you don't have a connection.

The native TimeTonic 2 mobile application automatically synchronizes itself, in structure and content, with the databases of your TimeTonic workspaces that you've created in the Cloud.

No more need to develop specific applications. Insert a new column in spreadsheet view on the web,

and voila, you've just customized your business mobile application yourself. It's magical!

Gantt view

The new Gantt chart view allows you to manage the different phases of your projects with ease.

You now have the ability to switch in one click to the new Gantt chart view to dynamically track and update your different projects, and create dependencies between your tasks.

Hide your columns view by view

Very useful for tables that contain many columns, this option allows you to select the information to be displayed in each view.

This enables you to create an activity view, for example, one for pre-sales, one for the sales team, one for the delivery team, and so on.

Sort your files

In full-page form mode, you can now sort the list of your files in chronological or alphabetical order, ascending or descending.

Export your pivot tables

Need to export your TimeTonic pivot tables in Excel format? It's now possible!

Pivot tables are becoming ... dynamic!

Your summary tables now become fully editable.

Copy and paste text or color, the data will automatically update to the original table.

Click to open the corresponding record.

Return your content to the line

Thanks to this new option, you now have the possibility to display the content of your text fields in their entirety for a better reading, or, as before, in a single line for a better overview.

New color choices

New, brighter colors are available in the TimeTonic palettes, with 3 new Material Design ranges.

Comment editing

A spelling mistake? Something to correct?

You can now edit your comments

Create your own templates for invoices, quotes, reports, etc. in Excel and Word format

You now have the possibility to export your forms in Excel and Word format.

Most importantly, you can create your own templates and export quotes, invoices and other pre-filled documents in your own formats.

Manage the access rights of a column

Choose who can edit or view your data, field by field.

Ideal for keeping information in the same place without losing confidentiality and without fear of unauthorized modification.

Manage your notifications

A new option "Manage notifications" for comment type fields (for your status or real-time team chats for example).

Choose the type of notification (visual or message, etc so potentially email, sms and mobile notification),

And decide who will receive the notifications: all the members of the logbook, some people only or only the user @mentioned in the message.

Colorful cards

In Kanban view (maps), you can now choose a color in line view for better visibility.

New models available

New CRM-B2B and Project notebook templates are available.
Use pictograms and even emoticons in your text fields.

Improved Excel export

Some improvements in the Excel export of the table view, TimeTonic now automatically freezes the first column and the first row. Colors are preserved, your links are clickable and your photos and files are added as clickable links.

The export also supports a larger number of rows, as well as data from a related table.

Your default values

If you have to enter the same data every time you create a new record, you'll like this new feature. You can now set a default line with the information you are going to enter.

New formula SUM_ELEMENTS

This formula is used to sum several values from the same column of a related table or several different columns.

For example, the total sum of incoming payments for an invoice.

New SUBSTRACT formula

It allows you to subtract the data in one column by the data in another column. Here, for example, we have subtracted the amount from the total incoming payments

The other new formulas

  • DIVIDE: Divides the data in one column by the data in another column.
  • NB_ELEMENTS: Calculates the number of elements in a related table. Also calculates the number of files in a column.
  • DAY_DELTA_TODAY: Calculates the difference between the date of a column and today's date.
  • WEEK_DELTA_TODAY: Calculates the difference between the date of a column and the current week.
  • MONTH_DELTA: Calculates the difference in months between two columns.
  • YEAR_DELTA_TODAY: Calculates the difference in years between the date of a column and today's date.

API Update

TimeTonic's API (Application Programming Interface) allows you to interface TimeTonic with your other tools, websites and mobile applications.

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