June 2022

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TimeTonic improved once again !

What happened in june at TimeTonic ?

We gain in functionalities, you gain in efficiency

View group

A new item is available on your workspaces when you click on Add or import button. 

View group is a very powerful tool letting you add as many views you want providing from different tables in a single item on the left panel of your workspace.

Learn more (incoming)

Ideal for managing your team workflow and giving a quick access to multiple table views in a single item of your workspace.

Custom title on generated automatic documents

You can give a custom title to your generated documents by using any existing column of your table. 

Very useful for quotations or invoices as you can title them with your customer name and an automatic number for example. 

Generate clean documents ready to be send to your customers or providers. 

And that's not all !

  • Gantt view improvements.
  • Mask formula applied to a date keeps custom format.
  • You can turn on or off the autocomplete option on mandatory search option.
  • Messenger state is now stored.
  • Archived workspaces you be opened via Invitations received without having to unarchive them.
  • Limited users can only modify data one by one
  • Users can access trahsbin
  • Form view : uploaded media is now time stamped


  • Remove gallery access pop-up on attachment fields in signature only
  • You can directly report a bug via app settings on your homepage
  • Remove a link also removes columns from a linked table data
  • You can create an event on global calendar

The mobile version of TimeTonic is even better!