July - August 2020

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New XLSX export options, unique key, column marking, template tagging, custom invitations

XLSX export options

You now benefit from new options concerning table export in XLSX.

Choose between periods and commas for the decimal separator and activate the multi-line export if you want to create one line per document for example.

Facilitate the processing of your data!

Single key

Block the entry of your data in a simple way.

Select the column(s) that serve as the unique key when combined and prevent duplicate generation.

Make your data reliable!

Marking of columns

The columns used for conditional visibility, single key or anti-dumper now benefit from a small visual so you can spot them in the blink of an eye.

Buy some time!

Tags on models

Make your life easier with TimeTonic's new template tags. No more searching, just click and take control of your future tool.

Take control of your tools!

Personalized Invitations

You can now write your invitations to join a notebook. By default, the message remains the same as before but you have the possibility to modify it before sending it.

Collaborate more effectively!

Enhancement of mobile applications


- Error message handling at logon

- Account creation

- Password Reset

- Ability to accept invitations


- Dark mode

- Comment field

The mobile version of TimeTonic is even better!

And that's not all!
  • Clearer selection filter
  • Refresh button in table view
  • Decide whether or not to grant access to the list of members on a mirror notebook
  • Added option to display documents as files orURLs via XLSX export
  • Added option to enable multi-line on XLSX export
  • Non-admin users can no longer delete export templates.
  • Redesign of the table basket
  • Webhook for the creation of custom programs