July 2018

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Table creation by Excel import

It is now possible to create new TimeTonic smart-tables directly by importing its xlsx files.

TimeTonic will automatically create the right table and columns in the right format (text, number, date, ...) and import the data from the file.

Beware a few rules to respect:

  • the first line must contain the column headers
  • The format must be the same for a column, for example, a Date column must only contain dates.
  • Only the first spreadsheet is imported.

Notification by sending a message in the change history

It is now possible to enable notification by sending a message in the change history type column.

This allows you to receive a notification by email or sms (see options in the logbook settings) when a value is modified in a column (status change, new file, etc.).

To activate the notification, choose one or more columns for which you want to activate the sending of a message for each change.

As with the comment fields, it is possible to select whether this sending should be done for all or only for certain persons whose identifier is present in a column.

To avoid the untimely sending of messages, e.g. in case of multiple copy and paste, only the first 5 notifications are sent.

But then again...

Other new features

  • In beta: external update form. A new column type allowing to generate a unique URL for each record. Click on this URL to obtain a form pre-filled with all the data of your record and allow an update of the data.
    An incredibly simple way to ensure RGPD compliance, to update a directory with a personalized mailing for each correspondent, or to set up a customizedinvoice approval process for example.
    Warning: additional fees will apply to use this new option.
  • Columns in the same group are now always grouped together in form view even if the columns don't follow each other, which avoids aesthetic problems when someone moves a column out of its original group.
  • Access to a second table from a restricted mirror view is now possible: it is enough to have created another mirror view in the same notebook for this second table.
  • Pivot tables are now available for mirror views. A simple way to create a dedicated notebook for all your statistical analyses without cluttering up the original notebooks.
  • New option to display columns of related tables as tags
  • Sorting the items in a choice list is now done by order of choice and not alphabetically.
  • Option to include or exclude a column field from a related table in Form View (default is yes).
  • New, more readable and clearer format for creating new notebooks with more templates in French and English.
  • New formulas MIN_NUM_ELEMENTS and MAX_NUM_ELEMENTS, to find the minimum or maximum value of an element list.
  • New formulas MIN_DATE_ELEMENTS and MAX_DATE_ELEMENTS, to find the most recent or oldest date in an element list, for example, of all dates in a task series.
  • In the API, new function getNamedTableValues to retrieve data with the notebook code, table name and column code list.
  • In the kanban view, a field of type URL is now clickable.
  • In Gantt view: tasks are sorted alphabetically.
  • In Gantt view, formula fields are now available.
  • In Timeline view, new scale "days of the month".
  • The history now contains the information related to the deletion of a line.
  • Multiple export of word or excel templates.
  • When a file is actually a URL pointing to a photo, the photo is displayed rather than the paper clip symbol indicating a link.
  • Ctrl-V of a URL, for example an image, in a file cell in Table View works. Very handy for example to add the photo of a linkedin profile in your CRM or the link to a google do document.

And some bug fixes

  • Min/max filters are now supported for autonumber fields
  • The exported word file does not have an extension on Firefox
  • Hide color legend bar when pivot table values are numeric  
  • Missing values in the pivot table if there are several values (table-related column)
  • Conditional notifications were visible to all in the mobile application
  • User names not always visible in column restrictions
  • Searching for items in a related table is no longer available if there is a filter linking this field to another field, for example only contacts from a company.
  • iOS: read-only fields disappear for everyone
  • A limited user should not be able to modify hidden columns.
  • Export template table: table columns linked to a date field add the time (00:00:00 ) when there is no date field.
  • Events added via the global calendar are only displayed after a reload.
  • Only the first 1000 rows of a table are exported.
  • The xlsx export is inactive when a form is accessed through the links of another form.
  • In Gantt view, the project bar is no longer adjusted automatically when the attached subtasks are modified.
  • Formulas: the formatting of numeric fields is not retained when changing parameters (currency, number of decimal places, thousand separator).
  • Formulas: calculation problem on HOUR_DELTA with quarter hours

New format for creating new notebooks

A novelty that marks the beginning of a refreshing new look for Timetonic!

When creating a new notebook, by clicking on the small "+" button, you now have the possibility to start with ready-to-use templates: project management, commercial relations, insurance brokerage, interventions, contacts, collections/invoices ...

New formulas

New formulas MIN_NUM_ELEMENTS and MAX_NUM_ELEMENTS, to find the minimum or maximum value of a list of elements

New formulas

New formulas MIN_DATE_ELEMENTS and MAX_DATE_ELEMENTS, to find the most recent or oldest date in an element list, for example, all dates in a task series.

Link to Kanban view

The kanban view is changing: from now on you can click directly on a URL link displayed on a map.