January - February 2021

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TimeTonic redesign, tutorials, improved external form and mobile improvements

TimeTonic redesign

We warned you in a previous What's new that we were preparing great things for you.

So to make you salivate a little more, we offer you a small preview of the model!

Preview of the new version of TimeTonic

For the most attentive of you, you will have noticed that we have redesigned the organization of your data to make your work even easier.

We'll say no more, let you marinate and keep moving.

We gain in ergonomics, you gain in efficiency

Getting Started Tutorial

Mastering a new tool is never easy.

We've put together a new booklet that will allow you to learn TimeTonic on your own and give you the keys to create your future management tools.

Divided into 4 levels, you will master the main features of the tool while benefiting from an all-in-one notebook including :

- step-by-step tutorials

- direct access to support to suggest new features or report bugs

- useful links and the possibility to leave a review on TimeTonic!

In addition to training, you will benefit from a ready-made personal register that you will have built thanks to the various exercises!

Take control of your business

New external form options

You asked us to do it, we did it.

For those who don't know what an external form is yet, take a look here, it might interest you 😉

Our external forms have two new features that will greatly facilitate your daily life:

  • support for the signature field

Have your attendance sheets signed by shareholders present at general meetings, by your customers in the field, by participants in training sessions

  • support for links to another table

Finally, take advantage of TimeTonic's core functionality, allowing you to make multiple choices at the same time.

Simplify your exchanges with your customers or suppliers by offering them even greater access to TimeTonic, from your database.

Facilitate your processes

Enhancement of mobile applications


  • English - French management
  • Read-only notebook calendar
  • Correction of default values on "select list" and "conditional select" fields that appeared to be empty


  • Read-only notebook calendar
  • Accepting invitations to booklets
  • Added NFC reader functionality

The mobile version of TimeTonic is even better!