January - February 2020

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Read-only lines, single document fields, colored table banner, messaging display option, data import...

Coloured table banner

Do you spend a lot of time in front of TimeTonic and a little colour would brighten up your day? It's done. And you can display the tables in rows or display them all.

TimeTonic is dressed in color!

Read-only lines

You now have the option of locking your records according to one or more conditions. Do you want to lock the entry of timesheets over a given period? Nothing could be simpler.

Control your data!

Data Imports

You now have the hand to import new data into your tables or simply update them. Consult the TimeTonic knowledge base to learn more.

Import your data whenever you want!

Single document fields

A new option allows you to allow only one document in an attachment type column.

Ideal for storing your invoices for example!

Mail display option

You can now decide whether or not to display the messaging area for certain users (or yourself).

Even more customization!

Enlarge link field

You can now enlarge the links window to display more data.

Facilitates the reading and the seizure of estimates, claims, or any type of links!

Enhancement of mobile applications


- Column groups work and display your data in accordion form.

- Entering long text opens the text box in full screen mode.

- Autodoc URL buttons are functional

- Required fields work


- Required fields work

The mobile version of TimeTonic is even better!

And that's not all!

- Only one open account session is accepted!

-Optimization of the excel export of your tables!

- CDTs are gaining in functionality!

- Filter "is not user id" to allow you to filter your account from a contact list!

- Possibility to scroll on the windows of creation / modification of columns when they protrude from the screen!