January 2022

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TimeTonic improved once again !

What happened in january ? Our teams are currently focused on the new interface, in the meantime, here are the recent improvements on the current version:

We gain in functionalities, you gain in efficiency

  • Addition of the "allow free text" functionality on the "Conditional selection" field
  • Prohibition to enter 2 identical synchro codes for autoexcel inputs on your columns in order to avoid potential calculation conflicts
  • Your autoexcel based on an "active" formula (TODAY, DAY_DELTA_TODAY...) are now functional
  • Your Zaps based on an "active" formula (TODAY, DAY_DELTA_TODAY...) are now functional
  • The deletion of an attachement is considered in the history
  • Addition on read-only lines: you can decide to block the creation of records according to the filter applied


  • Complete translation of the app in FR / EN
  • Fixed messages appearing as empty
  • If no view is configured on a link, removal of the add link button
  • Added an upload bar on when you upload files
  • Added notification when your downloads are paused


  • Added event details to the global calendar
  • Fixed a bug allowing to save even if mandatory fields were not filled in

The mobile version of TimeTonic is even better!