January 2018

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Modifiable mirror view / Restricted access

Mirror views (which allow you to insert a view from a different notebook) are now available.

In practice this means that you can now create a new notebook, invite people of your choice, for example external customers, suppliers or partners and give them limited access.

It also allows you to give personalized access internally, for example to create a personal human resources area, to manage each person's expense reports individually or to ensure that each sales person has access only to the customers concerning him/her in your CRM.

You can thus fully control which columns will be visible or not, editable or not, which filter will be applied, what the default values will be, and according to which format (spreadsheet, kanban, calendar, timeline, etc).

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Personal Display in Form View

Timetonic now remembers the accordions you opened or closed last time in form view.

All this without impacting the display of other members, so you can create your own personal display.

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Backup book

Backups of your notebooks are now done automatically in the new notebook.

Timetonic Backup.

This new system allows notifications and daily automatic backup data to be centralized in one place, and also avoids giving too much access to this potentially sensitive data.

The Emoji have arrived!

Use them in your text fields, your messages, your comments, your emails, your sms, in the names of your tables, your views, your columns...

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New features of the Timeline

  • You can now group according to the values of a field of type link to another table.
  • Fields that do not belong to a group are visible at the end of the Timeline in order to display all the data. You can move them to the right place not simple drag and drop.
  • If there is no end date defined, the Timeline will use the start date.
  • The PDF export of the Timeline is now available

Geographic view (beta version)

Test now the beta version of the geographic view that allows you to geolocate places, for example to optimize your business trips.

API continues to improve

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Hide and restrict column access

You can now manage access rights to all columns of the active view from the Hide columnoption.

And decide whether the columns are visible in read/write or read-only, or whether they are invisible.

These options apply to all members but for this view only.

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