February - March 2022

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TimeTonic improved once again !


What happened in march ? Our teams are currently focused on the new interface, in the meantime, here are the recent improvements on the current version :

We gain in functionalities, you gain in efficiency


Annotation on photos

Whether you are Android or iOS, you can now annotate your photos on mobile before saving them.

You can now also annotate photos already saved on your app or mobile device.

Ideal for indicating where a site reserve is located or facilitating road maintenance, for example.

Your reports are more accurate with visual indications!


Map preview from a card mode

The small map associated with an address is now available in card view in V7. It appears when you use a CONCAT_URL formula with Google Map.

In the mobile application, the link also allows you to launch GPS navigation.

Ideal for visualizing at a glance where your customers, intervention sites or vehicles are.


More fields in Timeline view

New fields are now accepted for configuring the Timeline view.Thus, dates from date or lookup formulas can be used as start date and end date.

Your schedules are always up to date


Notification on the profile when inviting to a workspace

From now on, you can see from your profile the invitations received to join a blog.

Do not miss any more information by quickly accessing your management spaces


Anti-duplicate on Autoexcel codes

Excel automation : It is no longer possible to reference the same Excel cell (in_Sheet1_C3 for example) in several TimeTonic fields. Multiple output fields (out_) are still allowed.

This limits the risk of errors when using this incredible function that allows you to use the power of Excel to perform complex calculations in TimeTonic.


And that's not all !


  • Added button to restart discovery step-by-step
  • Links displayed as tag in card view take half a column
  • Added "allow free text" option on Conditional select field
  • The CONCAT() formula supports the comma as a constant
  • Addition of the header on Dashboards and Smart-Pagesยฎ
  • Ability to copy a message from messenger
  • Redesign of the workspace invitation acceptance page
  • Implemented "Forgot password" on login page
  • Ability to pre-fill an external form with values โ€‹โ€‹from the record


  • Redesign of the date / day display in calendar view
  • Improved message sending system
  • Management of the % format on the number field
  • Fixes for unclickable form links
  • Fixed message previews appearing blank when the last message was media
  • Added vibration to saving a record and logging in
  • Viewing field descriptions



  • Smooth save buttons
  • Delete signature image on phone
  • Improved message sending system

The mobile version of TimeTonic is even better!