December 2022

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Best feature of December

To be well organized, you need to be able to plan. That's why we've redesigned our global calendar: until now, it allowed you to create events linked to workspaces, without taking tables into account. But because everything starts from the data, we decided to change that, so now your calendar is not only linked to workspaces, but also to tables. You can decide to synchronize tables set up in Calendar view to display them on the global calendar. Simply put: all activities created in your workspaces are visible in a single calendar. And to go even further, you can synchronize this calendar with your Google calendar, Outlook or other calendar.

New features of this winter

Favorite workspaces

When no search results are found in the favorites, TimeTonic automatically offers you results from other sections.

Management of workspace members

The management of workspace members is accessible from the workspace header directly, no longer through the parameters.

Company account creation

Turn your account into a company account in order to manage your teams in a global way: creation of users, management of rights, creation of workspaces. The button is located in your account settings.

Form URL + Permalink

The URL of a form is a field that can be used in a permalink. Share your links in a unique way, even if they evolve over time.

Exporting documents

The includeFiles option to export attachments contained in tables.View groupsYou can create folders to group your favorite views. Ideal for faster navigation or to organize your views by project stages or stakeholder groups.

Tagging users

The TimeTonic user IDs of workspace members are now suggested when writing in the messaging system or in comments.

Automatic calculations

When selecting number cells, the Sum, Average, Max, Min and number values are calculated as in Excel.

The pivot table is a view

Pivot tables are now considered as a view, a way to display your data just like calendar, Gantt and Kanban views.

TimeTonic Messaging

Generate your messaging workspaces with any user, as long as you have their login, and create a real private discussion space.

TCD and Timeline 2 levels

It is now possible to choose among the columns of your table to obtain a second level of group, in Timeline and Pivot Table view.

And that's not all

  • Free organization of workspace order in favorites on the home page
  • Conditional visibility filters work on a look-up of a look-up
  • Email automation: links are clickable. If the field also has the "replace with a button" option, the link title is the button title
  • New "Web only" right type hides notebooks on mobile
  • The form mode can be applied to a view and not only on the whole table
  • Use of multiple attachment fields in email automation
  • Support for autodoc fields in email automation attachments
  • Link views are preserved when importing tables from another notebook