April 2022

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TimeTonic improved once again !

What happened in april at TimeTonic ?

We gain in functionalities, you gain in efficiency

Changes on Map view

  • Only visible fields in view can be used to configure the Map view
  • Map view loads 2000 pins instead of 100
  • Added satellite view to Map view
  • Enlargement of street names when zoomed in

Ideal for visualizing at a glance where your customers, intervention sites or vehicles are.

2 new column types

  • Permalink

The Permalink column allows you to generate a redirection link to the value of another TimeTonic column.

Give this permalink to not connected users to allow them to consult specific data, plus this link won't be modified even if your change targeted data !

Learn how to use it

  • QR Code

The QR Code column allows you to represent the value of another column as a QR code based on Permalink (so you benefit form a permanent link not changing if you change value of targeted data.

Learn how to use it

Give access to pertinent information at one glance.

And that's not all !

  • Redesign of link parameters
  • On column Number (decimal) type and Formulas : you can choose to not display decimals
  • On column Number type : you can choose between multiple separators : none / 100 000.00 / 100 000,00 / 100,000.00
  • Modifiying a Link to another table or Column from another table is now forbidden
  • Modifying an existing column into another column type generates a warning to prevent you to erase existing data
  • CSV import option has been removed from mirrored workspaces
  • New option on CSV import if you want to use existing existing unique keys applied on your table columns
  • Kanban zoom is now automatically saved on your profile
  • Quicksearch in a view is saved if you change view in the same table
  • Transfer ownership of company account is now forbidden
  • You can search for a workspace on your invitation received page
  • Correction of a bug preventing to empty your trash bin
  • Default value edition improved
  • Pivot table : clic on "Total" sorts results
  • Each column configurator displays a link to the Help Center helping you to understand how to use it


  • New synchronization page on app settings to relaunch failed sync
  • Signatures in attachment fields are no longer saved on the phone and popup asking to give access to your gallery no longer exists
  • Popup indicating you how to give access to all your photos
  • Popup indicating that you haven't give permission to access your photos
  • Annotation : you can now edit existing attachment
  • You can copy or move a message to another workspace
  • You can declare a mobile bug on app settings


  • Unsynchronized data can be exported as CSV in app settings
  • Sign out of all other sessions display a confirmation popup
  • Desactivate all unread messages in 1 clic
  • Annotation : you can now choose to create a copy of the original photo or juste replace it with annoted one

The mobile version of TimeTonic is even better!