April 2018

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The "Members of the notebook" field

With the new field (the new column) Members of the notebook, you can now assign a task to a member of the notebook for example without having to create a different table.

This field works in exactly the same way as a field to a related table, except that here the table is a system table containing the logbook members and is automatically created and updated by TimeTonic.

Named Collaborators, this table is hidden by default. You cannot manually add or delete rows or delete the first columns, but you can add new columns if you wish.

Linked table filter in form mode

It is now possible to choose a view to filter the display of the elements of a linked table in form mode.

For example, you can classify tasks by date, status, chronological order, etc., or the type of customer in your CRM.

The view containing the filter to be applied must have been created in the related table beforehand.

Participants in the global calendar

You now have the possibility to add participants to events in the global calendar.

This limits who will receive notifications, and reduces the amount of information you need to see when you want to see only your own events.

It also allows you to see the availability or unavailability of your contacts, even if you don't have access to their calendars.

New Simple Project Management Model

A new, very simple model to facilitate project management.

Choose Model EN Simple Project Management from the templates provided when creating the tables to easily start tracking any project or manage a to-do list, alone or in a team.

As always the Table, Kanban, Calendar, Timeline, etc. views are available, as well as access from the native mobile application.

But then again...

  • Creating events directly in the Timeline view is now possible.
  • New signature (or drawing) option in the Android mobile application in the attachment (file) type fields; ideal to have your customers sign at the end of a maintenance intervention or a delivery.
  • Improved quick search.
  • Improvement of the sending of photos.
  • Confirmation before deleting files.
  • Faster search when adding items from a very large table in form mode.
  • Only administrators can now hide or show tables in a notebook.
  • Copying very large notebooks containing several hundred gigabytes of data no longer slows down other users.
  • New parameter Synchronization code to facilitate synchronization with external data (marketing automation tool, ERP, business platform, etc.).
  • Add your Excel templates for exporting an entire table, useful for example for weekly reporting.