April 2017

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Taking and deleting photos from the mobile database

In the mobile application, you can now take pictures directly in the database tables
In an "Attachments" field, click on the camera to take a picture and then press "Save" to save it in your notebook.
To delete a picture or document, press the picture for several seconds and then click "Delete".

A new option "time" is available in the fields of type "Date".

It allows you to add a time to a date. Don't forget to press "Ok" once you have chosen the date and time.
Ideal for making an appointment or scheduling an intervention.

New "Limited" right for members of your booklet

In order to further protect your data, there is now a new "Limited" right for members of your logbook.

A user with the "Limited" right can still create and modify data but cannot delete complete records and does not have access to the data export functions.

QR-Code and barcode reader

Check the "Allow scanned input" option in the "Short text" and "Medium text" fields, and the mobile application will display the barcode symbol next to the fields that allow barcode input. Tap this symbol to start the input with the camera.

Note that barcode entry is also available when creating a new message and in the search function for a table.

Filters are now accessible in the mobile application

Click on the table name to display the list of filtered views created in the web application and change the display as desired.

Sort your data using the "Group by" option.

This filter option allows you to sort any field in ascending or descending order, for example, customer names or service dates.

Also use the "Group by" option to calculate the largest or smallest value in a group (e.g. the best tariff in each country).

A new "Last modified" field

A new "Last modification" field has been created to ensure better traceability of your data.

It automatically shows the date and time of the last modification.

Combined with the "Sort/Group by" option, this allows you for example to sort your table according to the latest changes.

Offline access to the database

No internet connection? It's not a problem anymore.

In the mobile application, you now have access to the database tables in offline mode.

You can modify your data and create new ones, for example an intervention sheet.
The changes will be automatically taken into account and synchronized when you find an internet connection.

Number of cards in the kanban view

No need to scroll to the bottom of the page to see how many cards are in the Kanban view.

The number of elements is displayed directly at the top of each column.

The API allows public reading and modification of data

Several new features have been added to TimeTonic's Rest API which allows developers to access their notebook data (messages and database) from any other web or mobile application (separate pricing).

For more info visit: http://bit.ly/TTC-API

New formula CONCAT_URL

It allows you to concatenate the content of several fields and transform the result into a URL, i.e. it becomes clickable and will open the corresponding web page in your browser.

Ideal for example to build a link to a Google Map from an address:

CONCAT_URL("https://www.google.fr/maps/place/",Adresse,",",{Code Postal},"",Ville)

Scheduling automatically to the current date

In a planning view (pivot table with date/week/month/quarter/year columns), the display is now automatically set to the current date.