Deufol Paris

Manufacturing High-end Packaging and Services
TimeTonic has become indispensable to our operation
Julien Llorca
Chief Executive Officer


Deufol Paris specialises in the manufacture of wooden packaging and protection for various sectors such as industry, art and construction.

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Project ManagementCRM

We wanted to

Initially, we were looking for a solution to monitor our entire production.

Why TimeTonic

We chose TimeTonic for several reasons:

- very simple deployment,

- short training time,

- modification / adaptation to our needs,

- scalable features,

- reporting,

- cost of the solution.

Getting Started

Users quickly got to grips with TimeTonic, both on the computer for planning and logistics and on the smartphone for data entry and verification on the shop floor.

The production management that we have developed allows each employee to know his or her tasks and to follow the progress of each order, from quotation to invoicing, by integrating barcode scanning, photo taking, management of invoices, delivery notes and other documents, both in the office and in the workshop, at the point of departure and at the point of arrival.

Since we can

We then extended the use of TimeTonic, with a CRM, an HR tool and above all notebooks shared with our customers allowing us to offer a complete collaborative system. TimeTonic has become indispensable to our operations.

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