How to Supercharge Project Management with No-code?

TimeTonic Team
December 1, 2021
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Managing a project either in a tech giant or in a start-up is not at all an easy task. Managers face innumerable difficulties keeping the team members well-coordinated, improving their efficiency and productivity, aligning different stakeholders together, and much more.

However, project management is never solo and not only about planning and status. It affects all business teams/stakeholders, from HR to purchasing to delivery to product to finance to the sales team.

Fact Check
Project management challenges cost businesses $109 million for every $1 billion invested in a project- UM Saint Louis

What if the customised application can help you in managing multiple projects with ease? Oops! Did you start thinking about how much time and cost it will take to develop that application? Or are you thinking about how much effort you need to put in hiring developers, designers, testers, etc., to build an app? 

Wait! We suggest you explore the prospects of no-code technology.

How no-code benefits an organisation and supercharge projects

No code technology is a new age technical advancement that lets anyone develop an application, create a website, automate workflows, and much more without even coding a single line. One can just sign in to the no-code platform, choose the features to cater business needs, and voila!

To supercharge your projects, no-code app builder is no less than a magic wand. You can create customised applications, integrate multiple software, and automate processes in just a few clicks and that too without losing your pockets. Further, whenever you want to modify or update the changes, you can do it easily without going into any tiresome processes.

Let us discuss how no-code project management tools can benefit organisations:

  1. Enhance efficiency and productivity of teams
  2. Streamline communication and collaboration between stakeholders
  3. Efficiently manage tasks and team members 
  4. Easily automate workflows by establishing integration of multiple software
  5. Real-time monitoring of each stage of the project become possible

Let us dig more to know how no-code can supercharge project management at each stage.

How no-code supercharge project management from start till end

Project management involves full proof planning, streamlined execution, real-time monitoring, and final submission on time. At each stage, an organisation faces all new problems, and the progress of the project slows down.

No-code platforms can be a one-stop solution to manage projects from the start till end efficiently.

Stage 1: Project Planning

This stage of development includes defining the team’s vision, objectives, actions, and key results. The major problem comes with building a strong communication channel between team members, other teams, and stakeholders. Sometimes, project planning slows down due to missed schedules and mismatched calendars.

Every year, poor communication costs small businesses with under 100 employees $420,000 and companies with over 100,000 employees over $62 million.- SHRM

No code technology-based platforms offer an in-built solution to manage the first stage of project management. Some of the leading platforms like Timetonic provide a ready-to-use project model to start in seconds and supercharge the project. This model is intuitive, easy-to-use, and quick to set up, thereby benefiting every industry. 

A ready-to-use customised model allows seamlessly managing customers, teams, methods, logistics, inventory, etc. One can organise their appointments, deadlines, reminders, and other tasks to supercharge the project planning process.

Stage 2: Project Execution

Once teams are equipped with project roadmaps, they find it difficult to implement projects in a manner decided in the planning stage. Cost, time, and quality are at risk at this stage of project management. Collaboration of inter teams and intrateams becomes necessary to execute the project to achieve end goals.

No-code can supercharge project execution by offering solutions to integrate collaboration tools. The integration lets the exchange of ideas or glitches make the project execution hassle-free. 

Leading no-code tools providers offer tables, charts, sheets, etc., to have a chronological view of different teams, thereby keeping everyone on the same page and making project management easily manageable. They also provide solutions to easily switch between other parameters' views and automate task management with customised workflows. No code-based platforms offer prioritization controls to give timely notifications and speed up approvals and responses.

Stage 3: Project Monitoring and Control

After dedicated teamwork, the project started executing in a flow, and everything proceeded smoothly. However, there might be some dereliction of duties, unintentional wrong submissions, and delays in progress. Managers might find difficulty in balancing between a to-do list and channelizing work accordingly. To monitor and control, they need to create multiple reports and metrics to find the pain points.

Fact Check:
More than 65% of application development in 2024 will be performed by low code platforms- Gartner

No-code apps can supercharge project monitoring and control by offering real-time updating of progress so that teams can be informed automatically as soon as a change is updated. To dynamically monitor, no-code-based solutions provide transparency in workflows, auto-generated charts, and customised dashboards to measure several parameters.

Stage 4: Project Closure

This is the last but most crucial stage of project management. This stage can make or break the complete project. Major challenges at this stage include timely delivery, closure of all the processes involved, and matching clients' expectations. Without smooth testing and final submission along with positive feedback from customers, one cannot lead to project closure.

No-code can supercharge the project closure process and maintain the project repository, web forms for feedback, and workflows for supply chain management once the project is completed. To carefully look after the results or track the project's after-effects, no-code provides solutions to integrate software and automate workflows.

Source: Tigersheet

Wrapping Up

Project management can be easily supercharge with no-code technology. You just need to carefully choose the project management tool that can offer pre-built tools and offer you the assistance from start till end.

We recommend you first experiment with one of the all time leading no-code based project management tools- Timetonic. This platform helps in planning, executing, monitoring and finally completing the project efficiently.

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