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Which solutions should you choose to take advantage of this grant to digitalize your business?
TimeTonic Team
April 20, 2021
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Due to the health crisis and its many economic challenges,the government wants to help VSEs/SMEs succeed in their digital transition: Thestate's digital check, worth 500 euros, is now available until June 30, 2021,and covers SaaS and Cloud subscriptions:


"Companies absent from the digital universe will disappear within 10 years..."  -Valerie Levy, Les Digiteurs


To help small and medium-sized businesses make their digital transition, which is crucial to their survival, the government has decided tosupport French companies as part of its Revival Plan. The Ministry of Economy has therefore strengthened the government initiative for the digital transformation of VSEs/SMEs, led by the General Directorate for Enterprise.

French companies are no less well digitized than their European neighbors, but VSEs and SMEs are lagging behind the large structures.Companies that have been slow to embrace digital technology have to finance their digitalization strategy, while they are experiencing financial difficulties and are struggling to invest. However, "the health crisis has shown that digital technology can contribute to a more resilient economy," according to a recent report by the French Treasury.

Moreover, the difficult compliance with the RGPD or the recent cyberattacks that reveal cybersecurity flaws make the issue of digital development increasingly urgent, especially for VSEs.

So it's good news for all VSEs: the government has just announced that the €500 grant to finance digital expenses and business digitalization can be applied for by all companies with less than 11 employees, regardless of their business sector.The grant to finance the digital transition can also concern micro-entrepreneurs (, provided that their main activity is related to the digital transformation.

A broader governmental support

Previously, only companies affected by the ban on receiving the public during the Covid-19 crisis were eligible for this business assistance. The expansion of this funding is therefore a remarkable opportunity to start its digital transition and digitalize its activity by equipping itself with digital tools such as a flexible and agile collaborative information system, the establishment of a digital space, implement automation ... Faced with the economic situation, the objective of the digitization plan is to adapt to new uses born of the digital revolution, help small businesses to equip themselves with digital tools, gain in efficiency and improve their customer experience.


How to receive the digitalization support check?

To receive this exceptional grant, you will have to send one or more invoices for a minimum amount of 450€, established in the name of the applicant and dated between October 30, 2020 and June 30, 2021 using this form, accompanied by an ID. The grant, which can be requested only once, will be paid by the Agency of Services and Payment. The request must be made within 4 months after the date of the most recent invoice. The applicant also commits to communicate on the grant received with the mention "This project was financed by the Government within the framework of the recovery plan", if he decides to finance visibility campaigns for example. A communication kit is available here

What expenses are eligible for the €500 flat-rate reimbursement?

Please note, however, that only the expenses related to the digitalization of the activity can be reimbursed. This includes the purchase of and subscription to digital solutions from a digital services company established in France or in a member state of the European Union. It can also be a consulting service among the providers listed by the government. In the case of a subscription or a purchase, the expense may include a part of coaching and training. The digital solution must fall under one of these themes:

  • sales, promotion (online payment, market place, internet visibility)
  • management (reservation solution, appointment scheduling, inventory management, orders, deliveries, cash register software, hosting, data storage, domain name management, cyber security tools and RGPD compliance)
  • customer relations (customer management, bulk email management tool, newsletter management)

Cloud solutions are ideal for accelerating your digital transformation


To choose the right solution, avoid purchasing software to be installed on your workstations, with a high initial cost, and above all, which lock you into a straitjacket: difficult to customize, rarely communicating or collaborative or mobile.

Instead, opt for solutions known as SaaS (Software as aService), i.e. by subscription and accessible on the cloud. The initial cost is much lower and above all they are much more open and collaborative: Choose recognized players that guarantee the security of your data and offer connectors for rapid integration with your existing tools.

Among these solutions, TimeTonic, the first European no-code cloud and mobile management and collaboration platform, with its network of partners who will help you implement solutions adapted to your needs and accelerate your digital transformation, is particularly well suited if you need flexibility and agility for your CRM, project management tools, interventions, worksite management, HR processes, etc.

Another Check up to 1500 euros to digitalize businesses

For the residents of Île-de-France, the region also grant up to € 1500 toward the digital transition of artisans and merchants in the Paris and Greater Paris region. They aim improve their presence and sales on the Internet. Subscriptions to SaaS management softwares are covered by the grant. Exactly like the national Num Check, you would need invoices to justify the spending. Are eligible local merchants or craftsmen, including art craftsmen but excluding franchises, located in the Paris Region and with a workforce of less than 20 employees, including companies without employees.

Find more about this additional grant here


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