Connect TimeTonic with Google Sheets, Big Query & Microsoft Excel via

Automate Your Data Sync with TimeTonic and
TimeTonic Team
February 23, 2023
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Learn how to automatically sync your TimeTonic data to Google Sheets, BigQuery and Microsoft Excel on a schedule without any manual effort, to expland the capabilities of TimeTonic even further.

Automatically sync TimeTonic with other tools

The TimeTonic nocode business application and collaboration platform makes it simple for any teams to manage their work, to centralize and link data & information and to digitize and automate forms, documents & processes. 


In short, with its smart visual database as flexible as a spreadsheet, it's never been easier to create the secure cloud and mobile digital tools that are essential to your success with no programming, no computer “code”.


However, for some purposes, you might need to export your data from TimeTonic to another place.


In less than 5 minutes, you can now quickly link TimeTonic to Google Sheets, Microsoft Excel, or Google BigQuery using, an accessible no-code data sync and analytics solution, so you don't need any technical expertise to do this.

For example, you could use this new connection:

  • to perform advanced data queries,
  • to display information differently (e.g. for cash flow management) or
  • to interface TimeTonic with other popular #nocode tools that are compatible with Google Sheets. is already used by more than 700K professionals worldwide to automate data flows and automatically extract data from more than 30 other data sources in addition to TimeTonic.

According to your schedule, the solution can continue refreshing your data in the target file up to once every 15 minutes. can make your reports or dashboards self-updating with the help of this functionality, regardless of whether you created them in a spreadsheet or a professional visualization tool linked to a spreadsheet or database. connects to your apps and services using API and OAuth, ensuring that your data remains secure and confidential. Once you've connected your data sources, you can set up custom integrations to sync your data on a schedule.

Connect TimeTonic with Google sheet and Microsft Excel via

Explore these data destinations

Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a popular data destination that allows you to automate data export from TimeTonic. With, you can build custom integrations to create self-updating reports and dashboards, streamlining your workflow and increasing your productivity. By syncing your TimeTonic data to Google Sheets, you can gain a better understanding of your data, perform advanced analytics, and make data-driven decisions.

Which also means that you can now also use TimeTonic data with other popular nocode tools that might support Google Sheets data and not yet have a direct connection with TimeTonic.

Google BigQuery

Google BigQuery is a cloud-based data warehouse that allows you to store, analyze, and visualize your data. With, you can use BigQuery as a single repository for the data loaded from different apps, including TimeTonic. By syncing your TimeTonic data to BigQuery, you can build predictive models, extract valuable insights, and perform other advanced analytics to gain a better understanding of your data.

For example you could have all CRM opportunities in TimeTonic and use BigQuery to extract insights about your customers.

Microsoft Excel

Microsoft Excel is a powerful data visualization tool that allows you to transform and visualize your data. With, you can load information from TimeTonic to Excel every day, every hour, or at another frequency.

By syncing your TimeTonic data to Excel, you can transform and visualize your data using advanced tools such as Power Query and Power BI, making your data easier to digest and analyze.

You could also use TimeTonic to manage invoices and expenses for examples, and generate your cash flow reports with Microsoft Excel Online.

How does it work ?

While inside TimeTonic in any workspace in which you have admin rights, you can directly connect to by using the automation menu:

Select "Automate with" in the Automate drop down menu

Once you have created your account, then:

  • On the My Importers tab, click Add new.
  • Select TimeTonic as a data Source
  • And select your Destination, for example Google Sheets

Follow the instructions, or click here for more details.

Voilà ! You are ready to sync your TimeTonic Smart-tables with

Ready to connect?

As a modern business, you need to stay on top of your data to make informed decisions.

By combining TimeTonic with, you can enjoy the benefits of managing all your activities and data in one powerful Business Application, Collaboration and Automation platform while using the power of other tools to expand it's capabilities with more data workflows and analytics.

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